Learn how to prevent problem behaviors in your parrots before they happen. This video discusses ways on how to socialize your bird to different people and desensitize them to different environments. The goal of this video is to help parrot owners to be able to safely integrate their birds into their family and to prevent or treat phobic behavior in pet birds. My goal is to help pet parrots to be able to keep their homes and out of shelters.

    26 replies to "What's the First Thing I Should Train My Bird?"

    • Sia Jay

      You talk a lot of nonsense. Get to the point. You are wasting your time as well as ours.

    • Mathan Thas

      A big question: How does the bird stay in home without flying away out.

    • Yahanna Hemion

      Thank you so much for your time and sharing all these very useful tips. I'm looking into adopting(Cody) a 6 yr old male African Grey who needs a home, very sweet, very skittish and needs lots of attention. I just want what's best for Cody and prayers that with the correct knowledge one day Cody will have a fulfilled life

    • A Mishel

      Why is she always scratching?

    • Jayesh Kothari

      I also have African parrot

    • Kelly Kells

      Where do you live? And do you want a yellow headed amazon?

    • Krystal Anna Williams-Polley


    • Gowri Chandrakumar

      i have a african gray parrot. kindly list out the food that i can give her. fruits vegetables and nuts.

    • Mehran Birds

      Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    • Mehran Birds

      Dear I am new subscriber

    • Ashley Halls

      I thought poking the finger in the cage was the ultimate friend or foe test.

    • andy leigh

      just about to get a grey. What do you feed yours on and what do you give for treats. Have just lost a Red Lored Amazon to illness was very tame, so starting again any tips for a grey would be appreciated Thanks Andy

    • john brown

      Please, tell me how better to hold as a pet, one or one pair of blue fronted amazon? I have a boy (near 4 years old ) and recent i got an 8 months old girl for him. In the last few weeks, he's become aggressive towards me. Will it be permanent or shortly? What am I supposed to do to keep him on my side? Thanks! I am very anxious and nervous about his attitude and I would like to know if he will return to me as he was before or not. What should I do? I am a poor old man who has in this world only a parrot and a few dollars a day, the vets ask me many hundreds of dollars for a little advice. Shame on them! Please can someone help me with a free advice. Thank you !

    • ye

      This person definitely knows what he is talking about and is giving very good advice for all bird owners.

    • Anish Ephrem

      When u start training for smoky

    • Um Nashmi

      Can u show me what should I train my 3 month bird

    • Matt R

      what was the ending song

    • Hend Deeb

      I subscribed thanks to the wonderful informative video
      I liked too, but can you please make the videos shorter, around 10 minutes, as I do not have much time on my hands
      P.S It is ok if you can not I will find a way to fit them in my day, and by the way thanks

    • Me Here

      "Learned helplessness" hmm that makes a LOT of sense to me actually! I've inherited 2 lorikeets, former owner I believe got one as a baby & the other as an adult.
      The one he got as an adult arrived cage territorial, biting like mad & very hormonal, still won't leave her cage, but biting has almost always stopped in just a couple of weeks (still bites if hormonal/bad mood & I'm not paying enough attention, but otherwise doesn't).

      The one he got as a baby arrived feather plucking & rocking back & forward from stress/anxiety/fear, but never biting, only nibbling, would sit on my shoulder, come out of the cage, come close to me & interact in general, so seemingly much "tamer" BUT as I've tried training with her, there's some major resistance to stuff like "step up" onto my hand, will now lift 1 foot onto it, but with other foot locked solid on the cage wire & will NOT budge & when I accidentally moved my hand slightly while her foot was on it, she bit like mad & she regularly bites me actually, despite never doing that when I got her 3 weeks ago, always in predictable settings, ones where a nervous bird would be scared or threatened, so the learned helplessness idea makes PERFECT sense! One he got as an adult never fully went into that, while the one he got as a baby did & now as I undo that, & teach him it's ok to be himself, he doesn't have to fear me, his real emotions & fears are starting to show.

      Thanks for that 🙂 Gonna be a LONG path ahead for me I think! We'll get there though 🙂

    • Lunamoon 23

      You have a lot of pets. May I give a suggestion? “How to get your parrot acquainted to your dogs” or “How to keep your dogs and parrots from getting jealous of each other.” I think this is really important for pet owners who want many species of pets.

    • Lunamoon 23

      Why didn’t you teach her to speak?

    • Liezl Enriquez

      Very helpful. Thank you for this! ❤️

    • Adrian Klukowski

      I'm using positive reinforcement for my African Grey parrot when he does something good I complement him and prais him or give him a banana or apple slice is that good and I train him daily but he is still shy with handling what can I do about that

    • Chris diggy

      its so funny and right in the beginning my african grey was scared of my little dog now its sitting on its back when its running having a blast 😀

    • Sandy Welch

      Hi, do you have any recommendations on how to trim African greys nails without scaring them?

    • david vincent

      What would you train your pet, it's not an animal circus…

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