Check out what a Parrot Wizard raised/trained Congo African Grey parrot is like! We start with flying over to the scale to get weighed. Then back to the training perch to do some exercise flight recalls. Target training is super useful for directing the bird where to go. The baby steps up by voluntarily walking over to hands and getting onto them. Likewise the African Grey walks over to a harness and puts it on itself. I can grab, flip, and hold this African Grey and give head scratches. We do a little bit of fetch practice and some more flights. A pretty typical daily training routine.

If you are are interested in bringing a trained baby African Grey parrot into your family, see if one is still available or join the waiting list at:

    16 replies to "What a Trained African Grey Parrot Is Like"

    • loloroses shorts

      Oh it’s so cute!


      Good trainer.

    • i just rant truth or roast on youtube

      Trained dinosaurs!

    • Rob G

      Hello. Any African Greys for sale currently?

    • Krasimir Stoilov

      Mine are with hard mental issue 😀

    • Daughter of The King


    • Reflex

      Man I would pay for you to teach me how to train my parrot to be like this

    • El Diputacio

      I love african gray parrots. They look so wise and intriguing. I also love their clear eyes and bright feathers including the bright red feathers. 🤠❤❤❤

    • Strat Abuser

      Thats all good and fine, but that's a baby and its an African Grey. Wait until it turns 2-3 and figures out it can get snacks by manipulating your wife or other family members and that it can also get snacks by doing evil things so you have to bribe it with snacks to stop. These things are way too smart for a pet. You can't control and force your will on intelligent beings..they're not liberals. 🤣
      African Greys were not meant to be pets. We own two of those demons and it took years to figure them out. It took them weeks to figure us out.

    • robert d

      I have a question about "click to get what I want". The conure I had for 30 years was trained on love, not clicks-for-treats. That little beast was the best friend I ever had. It took years for us to get on even terms , but once we did well…. I have dreams about that little guy just as much as I do my RIP parents. Is the "click" method just a way of controlling a bunch of parrots for YOUR convenience, or rather just making it a harder for the future owner to build life-long binds? I'm not judging; I only want what is best for the bird; and of course I am curious.

    • HI i

      I've had it for a while and it is still biting. How do I stop it

    • OG_Jam

      so i have a african grey timneh he is about 25-30 years old he loves me and hates any of the males in the house (brothers and dad) is it a gender thing or do they just choose 1 person in the family to get close too? also if i was to work with him a lot more would he be as well trained as this? or is he too old for that now? i know they can live for something ridiculous like 70-80 years but do they need training from a young age or doesn't it matter? also sorry for so many questions i have wanted a close relationship with my parrot Billy for a while my parents got him way before they had kids and he literally watched the family grow over the years he has always been a part of the family way before me so i would love to be close with him he stands on my hand and makes chirp/kiss sounds and lets me stroke his chest and a little of his neck but he doesnt like hands going behind his head or on his back

    • Dazshark Gettem

      Don't eat parrots they repeat on you

    • Joseph Vaughan

      The creature is more sentient that you give her credit for, and I think this is more slavery than respect.

    • mr art

      It's not even bitting 😳

    • Kingsley Felix

      How do you deal with the feathers?

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