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    25 replies to "Umbrella Cockatoo vs African Grey? | My Recommendation"

    • Nichola Wojcik

      I don't agree with you at all… African Grey are wonderful pets…

    • Taylor Harper

      I have a umbrella cockatoo she drives my family insane with her screaming but overall she is a lovely animal.

    • ECLECTIC 361

      Umbrella Cockatoos are a great pet IF you have ALOT of time to spend with them. They are not happy in a cage all the time, and are load if ignored but if you have someone home all the time and cover the cage at bedtime and play with them and talk to them and give them a ton of love and toys to break lol they are an amazing addition to a loving home. But if you are busy alot, too tierd and not patient and have expensive things everywhere, this bird is 100% not for you.

    • Sean

      Agreed. All remaining umbrella cockatoos in captivity need to be desexed to phase them out of the pet trade. People can't handle them. They are WAY too demanding and loud and destructive to ever even be considered as a 'pet'. They belong in the forest where they can scream all they want, fall madly in love with a partner that can spend every waking moment with them, and have the choice what they can destroy without being punished for it.


      hi im looking for an African grey or macaw what is your opinion.

    • Mao Zedong

      can she tame my bird ?

    • Ploni Almoni

      None. Getting pet parrots encourages catching more wild birds and selling them. Those birds suffer a lot being captured, and transported. They are traumatized and many of them die or suffer a lot.
      Don't get them, don't help the industry. Even if you get a bird that was born in captivity.
      If you adopt a bird from a rehabilitation center etc. i guess it's ok, but really – avoid buying them.

    • Bree Hansen

      I LOVE YOUR NECKLACE I want one?
      Where did you get that necklace?

    • Bob Shields

      I have all the birds that you are talking about i love all of them gray umbrella jenday contour and bungee they are not going anywhere and I had them for a long time

    • Giselle B

      so happy to hear a bird lady actually tell the truth about pet parrots ty so much =)


      Should I get a McCall

    • Rob Bass ?

      fuck your so fucken annoying, to listen to and look @.
      Fuck get your shit together when you talk and make videos.

    • Dellidandy

      With that whole lifespan thing I'm always so worried about getting a parrot. I'd hate to leave them homeless or give them abandonment issues. I found that Ringnecks might be a stable in-between but I was wondering if anyone here's had a background with those? I've never really heard of them until three months or so ago.

    • MadeAUsername

      Why the thumbs down? She's right, though she lacked a better elaborated explanation in this video of why she's so against umbrella cockatoos. There's TONS of horror stories about cockatoos. There's even a big website devoted to why you should reconsider several times over before getting one. African Greys, however, have a significantly better reputation as long as you set a schedule for it where you give it some fun and intellectual interactions.

    • PiddlingFish77

      Would you recommend galahs?

    • Riby Hollar

      I am struggling to train my parakeets! I haven't had these issues in the past but to put it bluntly they're WILD!

    • chinfinger

      I think you are absolutely right. Only reason people want African gray is because they are good talker; however, not all Grays talk. Conures are quite noisy too. I think the best ones are like Caiques or other small parrots.

    • Shipmate

      what medium to large parrot would you recommend for a family with kids living in the city? I had a Quaker growing up, but he was, or was his, pet… and would attack everyone else, including our Rottweiler. I can't have that with my kids, who I doubt will play with the bird when I'm not around. I've noticed Pionus seem to be great birds… don't seem to be a one-person pet and are very sweet. I'm not big on looks, but a talker definitely helps keep others (such as my kids) interested.

    • stimela1000

      I agree! Budgies are fantastic little birds, and so often dismissed. I've had budgies that talked and were super cuddly and attached. They're the funniest gigantic personalities crammed into tiny little bodies. They have so much attitude. I miss my birdies. I wish I could get a bird again. My last budgy passed away a couple of years ago, aged nearly 16.

    • Zeynab Uthman

      So, I'm considering adopting a larger parrot as a companion and I'm not sure which feathered friend I want to shoot for, I would prefer a rescue bird that is already grown and just needs rehoming. Everybody loves babies but very few people are willing to try bonding with larger parrots once they are adult, I'm not afraid of being bitten and I am very patient by nature. I've had birds for the majority of my life, ranging from budgies and cockatiels to a crow I found as a teenager with a deformed foot, my grandfather enjoyed falconry though I was never overly enthused by birds of prey. I work from home and rarely go out, have no husband or children and don't foresee either in my future. My longtime companion Jonquil, a lutino male cockatiel just passed away and I'm terribly lonely without him. Time I have in unlimited amounts, I have a modest income and so a Macaw is out of the question, as are cockatoos….though the intensity of their need for attention is appealing, I know I irritated my poor bird sometimes trying to play with him. Any advice you could offer would be very helpful. I want my bird to be as happy to be with me as I am privileged to be with them.

    • ToMang07

      Skip to 3:35 and save yourself 4 minutes of gibberish.

      Lousy video.

    • jillgg1010

      what about a goffin's cockatoo??

    • seattlegrrlie

      She's totally right. Umbrella's are the most surrendered birds in shelters and sanctuaries. They don't make good pets for the majority of households. It's a tragedy. If you truly want one, work with a rescue organization and make sure you know what you're getting.

    • BeachLoverGirl

      Shaimatsas… get a Amazon that the best I love Amazons!!! But I love Jamie and Davids Galahs

    • shai matsas

      my question is Galah Cockatoo vs Blue Fronted Amazon

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