This video show the toxic diets for African grey parrots. a small or large amount of these diets can be very harmful to you parrots. some important harmful diets for African grey parrots are avocado, chocolate, dry beans, onion, tomato and alcoholic drinks. For more details you can visit:

    7 replies to "Toxic Diets For African Grey Parrot"

    • tori Ohno

      Peanuts!!!? Are you kidding me? Birds live off of those. And tomato leaves, vines, etc? Anything green on a tomato is poison to all of us, including birds. Does this chick (pun intended) live under a rock?

    • girl with best intention

      Oh my God! I've been giving peanuts to my African Grey parrot,Olive and only now I know its toxic for her???

    • محمد محمد

      what? peanut is the favorite of my African grey..she loves it❤

    • Richard Ryder

      Peanuts are a healthy treat for African Greys, as well as most other parrots. Notice that I said "treat." Peanuts, as well as sunflower seeds, should not be their main food source, but they are great treats and are often used when training the bird.

    • Lorence Winchell

      Do your research first

    • dj

      All foods mold,, dumb

    • Pam Mansfield

      Peanuts!!!!….they sell them to feed the parrots at Bird World! and my parrot loves them!!

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