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Tips on Showering Your African Grey

In the wild, birds will bathe in shallow pools of water or shower during the rain. It is important that in captivity, we allow our birds the opportunity to do this at least once a week.

Bath time is something that many parrots thoroughly enjoy. We just have to find a method that works best for our birds. Your parrot will let you know whether or not something is working for them. Not all parrots will shower with their humans in the shower; but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy showering. We just have to find a way that works best for them. As is true with all training, always give your bird the option to participate rather than forcing them to comply.

*Please make sure that when showering/bathing your birds you use only plain water. DO NOT use shampoos or soap.

22 Responses so far.

  1. 1 For The People schreef:

    I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Matthew Martynenko schreef:

    What about temp of water warm or cold?

  3. Kader Yahia schreef:

    I do the. same thing and I m from Africa

  4. Derek Dimock schreef:

    Where can I get a crate like that?

  5. Deirdre Powers schreef:

    I have never seen the kind of pump water sprayer you are using.  Could you tell me what it is called and where I could get one, please?

  6. Azizul Izwan schreef:

    Hi WingsNpaws,
    I have 3 question to ask:
    1) How long should they take a bath?
    2) When should we stop giving them bath?
    3) What kind of sign should we stop giving them bath?

  7. Carson Sears schreef:

    How do you dry Smokey?

  8. Nazeeya Shaik schreef:

    my friend asked me is it ok to use a soft water gun because she does not have a pray bottle

  9. Darko Baric schreef:

    my african grey doesnt like showers at all 🙁

  10. amer abdulla schreef:

    i dont know why my bird doesn't fluff up or gets excited, think hes scared of shower dont know how to over come it.

  11. Tahira Zahir schreef:

    my Alexandriane parrot doesn't like taking a shower what should I do?

  12. Keshav Tewari schreef:

    my grey hates bathing he screams and shouts and trie to fly when bathing
    pls help me

  13. Danny Ejaz schreef:

    My African grey hates bathing he starts hissing and going mad what can I do?!

  14. Marley The Meyers Parrot schreef:

    Thanks for making this video 🙂

  15. Adil mohammed schreef:

    My bird doesn't enjoy talking shower i don't know how to make her enjoy it iShe is 1 years old

  16. Moving Music By shawnNhouston schreef:

    what age to introduce the shower…my baby grey does not seem to like it–he is about 3 1/2 months now…

  17. Final Fantasy schreef:

    How about you clean the other side too?

  18. Anordil schreef:

    Great tips!

  19. F.u.c.k Allah schreef:

    Can someone help? My red fronted parrot hates showering. I tried using the spray bottle, shower head, gently lowering him into a puddle, leaving a bowl filled with water, pouring water on his head with a cup and spraying him with water inside his cage.
    He hates all of the above methods so what do i do?

  20. Sandra Gerber schreef:

    I have a one year old AF it is winter here in the NE and I am wondering of I should bath her during these cold winter months?

  21. Gizmo b schreef:

    Hi! I hv a 7 week old baby grey, wen can I start giving him a bath?? Please reply thanks!!

  22. Montassir Hamdaoui schreef:

    in winter plz?

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