The number one thing you need to know about taming parrots will help you gain their trust. Use the knowledge that they are curious about humans to let them come to you, making taming a lot easier and less frustrating.
A curious parrot will come to you. A safe, happy, well- fed parrot will want to befriend you.



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    • Kitty Anthony

      Wow! So the plucking is what is making their grey feathers turn orange? Weird.

    • EA Bird

      I cant remember do you have lovebirds?

    • Yesid Tac

      Jejeje very cute

    • Tammy 66

      Ahhh…such lucky birbs!

    • Jan Kelley

      I love the toy! I have to hide paper towels. I also love African Grey parrots. There is something so special about their look. I love their eyes. You can actually see them thinking. Thank you for another wonderful video. 🥰

    • jojo1828v

      Are all your African greys pluckers? There is no way to stop that? I know they get a reward from doing it and then it's hard to break.

    • Juan López

      Pueblo de Sevilla a

    • Juan López

      Soy de Arahal de un pueblo de

    • Juan López

      Soy Juan de

    • Juan López

      Sigo todos todos los vídeos tuyos los

    • Juan López

      Y sobre todo los los pájaros forpus que tiene son

    • Juan López

      Son preciosos todos tus

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