My african gray parrot, Red, has a fascination with cigarette lighters. I don’t know why, I assume he was allowed to play with them at his last home. His last owner was a smoker. I thought it was funny how obsessed he was, so recorded him taking it over and over. He was not allowed to play with it and the medication bottle was empty and washed out, so he was not in any danger at any time.

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    4 replies to "The Funniest African Grey Parrot you will ever Meet!"

    • Светлана Вовк

      Вот же чудо!  У меня такой же жако. И тоже очень любит шкодить.))))

    • Denise Landrum

      Actually..he/she us nesting with that!!Totally hilarious!!But….keep the lighters away from him/her..they could explode if bitten,and I think the meatl,IMO,could also hurt him.Perhaps find something thats like that but not that.:")

    • Preen Acres

      @psilver That other bird is a European Starling. He's a BIG talker and so funny!

    • psilver

      LOL when he puts the lighter in the cup… What is that second bird that appears? I love birds.

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