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    19 replies to "Teach Your Bird Biting is Not OK"

    • Elan Varhan

      I have two greys. One is very cuddly, and I have no problem with holding, or petting her, or biting. The other would only bond with my mom they both came from a breeder. The violent one attacks the sweet bird, and bites everyone but my mom. The birds have been separated. One is a girl the other a boy FYI so it is not just males being aggressive like in many other species. I tried all these methods. He will fall for the treat but if my hand is still in the cage in the next two seconds he puts the treat in the food bowl and lunges at me he is not shy at all he has flown at me and other people out of his cage intent with biting them.

    • Her Woofness Boston Terrier

      Wonderful presentation. I have many dogs in my life and see many similarities in the training approaches. I have a two year Boston Terrier and I have still used many slow, repeated methods to train new things. Training is a lifetime learning process and also keeps the dog from becoming bored and destructive. I love the interactions you have with your bird but can also see why some people are not successful. Kindness and persistence in a positive way takes time and lots and lots of patience.
      Your lessons and interaction with your bird are so delightful to see.
      ,Keep up the good videos so others can learn the right was to train and treat their bird with affection.

      Jane and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier

    • carenity09

      what about female peachface lovebirds

    • Planci Acanthaster

      parrot parrot parrot

    • Michele Mitchell

      your observation is totally correct. I have 3 galahs 1 sunconure this work with all of them

    • Katya Le Oaf

      My conure Jordan was not necessarily abused but when we first got him when he was about 11 months old, my dad (I was 7 at the time) used to hate Jordan. Jordan hated him as well so whenever he would bite my dad, my dad would react horribly and flick his hand, and Jordan would just fly off and hit the ground. At that time, I didn't know what animal abuse was, and my dad is NOT an aggressive or harsh person so I didn't think it was so bad (but it did hurt me to see my bird sad). Jordan has always had trust issues, besides with me of course, but I still find that I have to yell back and put him on a time out for 15 minutes and it has been 10 years. But these methods have always worked with me, and I have never used methods mentioned in booklets. They seemed more like they want you to try to assert you power over your bird rather than just tell them, no, basically.

    • Maddie Wilkerson

      I had a red belly parrot who was a rescue bird, for awhile he completely hated people but my aunt slowly gained his love and affection, eventually my aunt moved in with me and we had to do the same with the bird. Our bird is still shaky around strangers but now trusts people more and loves getting attention from groups.

    • michael mahrous

      Thanks amazing video greetings from egypt

    • The Sea Lion

      And smoky is adorable I want her lol

    • The Sea Lion

      I Watch this because I have a little baby sparrow IT BITE'S

    • oh , why ?

      Can I make nuggets out of him

    • Jane Schommer

      Thankyou, you are so smart.

    • Stephanie Michaud

      THANK YOU for your help! I just got my first IRN. He's a newly weaned baby and my first bird I've had in 18 years not to mention my first baby bird. So him biting at my hand is an issue right now, though he'll step up on a wooden dowel. I look forward to trying your recommendations.

    • Parrot Zach

      Great vid! Do you think you could talk about the other reasons birds bite and give tips about how to deal with those, please?

    • Street Renegade

      great video, thanks! what do you do if your bird gets aggressive because of certain things triggering it (like cleaning with a paper towels or using certain objects that it dislikes?)

    • Jasemin1

      Hm.. do you have a second bird? Would be the best think to provid biting!

    • Frances Grant

      first subbbbbbbb

    • Storiel Dreemurr

      so my mom and I are going to get a parakeet. Is there any way we can go with making it trust us so we don't have to clip its wings? We want to be able to let it roam the house after being there for a while, but I'm not sure if its a good or bad idea to not clip the bird's wings.

    • Helvetica AF

      1:29 This is down right fascism.

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