How to begin taming a wild African Grey parrot in your home.

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    • Dimitrios

      I hope you find some humanity in your self and any who considering getting wild parrot, please watch this first:

    • vitthal gharpure

      Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
      * I have an African Gray for 10 years now, but he is still in wild condition. Some times he allows to go near his cage & accepts food from hand if given from out side. He likes if we gently itch his neck by a thin stick from out side the cage or even after opening the door, but his temperament is wild and he charges and tries to bite the cage wires most of the time we approach his cage. How to make him docile ? Till first two years he was ok.
      ** He is very fussy about his food and does not like most of the sprouts & fruits. Does not even touch pellets or mix seeds.
      Requesting your valuable suggestions.

    • Alham Rana Muhammad

      Thank you,,

    • ry

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    • Harry Hathaway

      My Timneh is EVIL.This bird is NOT afraid of me in the least.He wants to proactively go after me and bite the crap out of me.There is no such thing going in slow steps.I have no problem getting close to him.He want's me to come close so he can tag me hard.He does this with all my other birds except Dusty,my Congo Grey.George respects Dusty.They stand next to eacthother,but there is no touching,communication,and very little eye contact with eachother.I truly think my Timneh is a hopeless case.If I knew someone who could tame him,I'd give him to them.I truly think this bird is untameable. It may not be his fault.The woman who had him before rarely took him out,and didn't handle him all that much.But,maybe that's the reason,he's a mean SOB ! In the beginning (after he got use to his new home),I grabbed him in my bare hands,and took the hit.His bites didn't tickle by no means,but they weren't as bad as I thought they'd be.I have real mans hands(I'm not a pencil pusher) toughened up from the work I do.I held him gently in both hands against my chest.Quietly talking to him,calming him down He was yelling,growling with no end in sight so I put him back in his cage.I do not know what to do.Obviously I didn't use this method at first.I slowly tried for him to get use to me.He has no problem taking food out of my hand.Matter of fact,he takes it out real gently,BUT,if I leave my hand there,he will drop the food quickly,and bite me.He is lightening FAST ! He will do this no matter what cage he is on,so its not a territorial thing.I think it's an asshole thing.My Timneh is an ungrateful Asshole .He comes from a home where they kept him in a cage in a dark area all day,dealing with dogs and cats,then he goes to a home with another Grey,and other parrots,and has the freedom to go anywhere he want's in a 30'X10' sun filled room.All my parrots cages are open 24/7,they ALL have their flight feathers where they can get exercise flying from one part of the room to another.They get GREAT healthy food and this bastard still wants to bite the crap out of me. 

    • bob h

      yes they are one person bird they tent to be come upset or mad when someone trys to do things with them

    • prostex97

      I am not sure, but i think African Grey's bond with only one person

    • s.j sutty


    • Blitz

      Did she say "Birds Tits"

    • Vasyl Belya

      did you find any way to stop your parrot from biting?

    • Jennifer Minerve

      What are people like you doing on this website?

    • lightThatcherry

      hey i got an African grey female…she is adorable and she is ok with me..i mean she lets me hug her, kiss her, scratch her etc…but when it comes to everyone else around the house..she is aggressive ..specially towards my mom..she has bit her may times on her feet..and once on her finger breaking her nail…even though she tries being nice..she also bit my dad on the hand which resulted in a Vein damage..she tries hopping after my sis but she didn't get bitten yet….got any tips for me?

    • Edgar Gonzalez

      Would u make a video on how I can get my African grey to let me scratch or touch him I adopted him he is 10 years. At first he wouldn't talk nothing now he talks whistle ect he let's me pick him up he will step up when I tell him and touch his beak but not scratch his head or wings

    • Channa Naragala

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    • Zaero Graal

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    • cjocd

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    • Starsonedge

      I don't think she meant wild as in taken from the wild, I think she means more like feral. Non-socialized birds. Birds left in cages without any attention, etc.

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