African Grey Parrots are known for their extensive vocabulary and put together this compilation of clips of Macy talking.

Dedicated to Fritids Tur

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    • Aleksander Stachowiak


    • Beauty By Neelakshi

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    • The Wild Adventure Girls

      Macy is such an adorable happy little bird! We love hearing her! "You talkin to me?" Huge like from us!!♥♥♥

    • Sam dotvlog

      I enjoyed watching your videos! Big Liked! NEW SUBIE to your channel. Please SUB Back.

    • Fritids Tur

      The #grey #parrot or #African grey parrot #Psittacus #erithacus is common in captivity and is regularly kept by humans as a companion parrot, prized for its ability to mimic human speech, which makes it one of the most popular avian pets. An escaped pet in Japan was returned to his owner after repeating the owner's name and address.

    • WonderBricks

      So nice!!! Liked!! ****

    • Just Ask Evelyn!

      AWESOME!!!!! COOL!!!:)

    • inthekitchenwithelisa

      Hello Macy?You are an absolutely gorgeous parrot! Oh my, how beautiful she is!? I love watching these! She is so clever,she said so many things! Wow!!! I am so impressed!?

    • Gnat Vova

      Nice video, thank you!!!

    • Ali

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    • Ali

      Cool video Marcozo liked ??

    • Anna Rammel

      Macy is fantastic! We had a wonderful vacation, thank you 🙂 ??❤

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