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Talking African Grey Parrot: An intelligent conversation with Tui,

My African Grey Tui is 18 months old and has a pretty good vocab. More impressive for me is her understanding of what she says. I recorded a morning conversation of us chatting before we had a shower and started the day. Tui’s vocab is much larger than what is here, and she is learning new words (thank you & Your Welcome) and while she does not clearly say them, she uses them correctly. She also started screeching and has learnt to self correct this by telling herself to be quiet. Anyhow, for a 18 month old anything I am pretty impressed with her comprehendsion

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  1. KittyPurryisCat schreef:

    NO HE DIDN’T!!!

  2. KittyPurryisCat schreef:

    good point

  3. makis1alredy schreef:

    Man icould imagin that happening

  4. death55555555 schreef:

    it would be funny if a burglar robbed that house the burglar would come into the living room there will be tui goin: shhhhhh quiet! XD

  5. FinalSurge020 schreef:

    “Shhhhhhh quiet” fuckin creepy bird -_-

  6. theundercoveratheist schreef:

    The African Grey Parrot is listed as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. The African Grey Parrot knows that it is his own image he sees in a mirror. Very few animals have this gift that is a test to prove an animal is self aware & knows he does exist & is able to intelligently communicate with other animals with the same gift. These animals are Whales, Dolphins, the species in the Great Ape family which includes Human Beings. This parrot knows he is loved and cared for!

  7. sequioae1 schreef:

    I want one so bad. I love parrots

  8. SandrajWilson2004 schreef:

    I love this video !!!! She is so smart. I have a grey that is three and he knows a lot of words as well. He just don’t like to talk on camera much lol

  9. redphiveII schreef:

    mynah birds talk better

  10. MetalAmzBrutalz schreef:

    That is a really smart bird you have. Not only did you get her to say words but on top of that she understands what they mean. Do African Greys come in black by chance. I know it sounds dumb ’cause of the word Grey but y ‘know. Just curious if they have diff. colors.

  11. KevinCali24 schreef:

    birds a fuckin creeper lol

  12. KevinCali24 schreef:


  13. coloredrose1988 schreef:

    lmao think i should teach my parrot that :D

  14. Pitviper1979 schreef:

    Oh yeah, I thought I should include one more thing. I have found that parrots of all sizes prefer being called by their names. The only time in recent years I have been nipped was because I called one by the dog or cats names. That does piss them off a bit. Most of the time they will correct you. It took 2 days for Isabelle to start calling me by name.

  15. Pitviper1979 schreef:

    It is a common misconception that they only mimic. They attach meanings to words just like we do. Greys can live for 80 years, as long as you feed them well and they don’t have medical problems. I work nights mostly, so my grey is out most of the day. Most birds like watching tv, mine prefers movies with violent explosions and fire. They are in some ways less work than dogs, but desire more contact. I suggest watching vids about Alex the grey here on youtube.

  16. TranceFixedd schreef:

    I don’t want to put you into question, as I’ve never had anything to do with birds, and I’m sure you’re quite experienced. But isn’t there a possibility she was trying to mimic what you were saying : replaced “Is Otis” with a word she already knew => “Isabelle” and your question became “Isabelle a pretty bird”? I’m simply suprised that birds have preference for their names, but I have no idea. ^^
    How long do grey’s live? do they need lots of attention? I’m considering getting one when I’m older.

  17. Antoinette Rahme-Routledge schreef:

    Would love your grey and Mishka, my grey to have a conversation, would be very interesting

  18. Pitviper1979 schreef:

    My grey’s name is Isabelle. The idiots who had her for the previous 10 years called her Otis. Two days after I brought her home, I was holding her and asking if Otis is a pretty bird. She looked me in the eye the third time I said it and said “Isabelle, is a pretty bird.” and from then on she is called by the correct name. Anyone that hasn’t lived with one might have trouble with the idea that they are that smart, but it is true. Get their name wrong and the correct you.

  19. tuffguyzwearpink schreef:

    Did that bird just say “Give me a kiss”? o___o

  20. Kim Brown schreef:

    my grey just loves listening to tui i would so hire you to come and entertain my grey hahaha he is ppl shy and will only talk when I’m upstairs !!

  21. krbjojo07 schreef:

    scratch that good girl!

  22. 14omega28ok schreef:

    Thumbs down this bosos comment v

  23. jb55101 schreef:

    i see these kind of  parrots talk more and better then the big colorful parrots?

  24. James Smith schreef:

    Awesome you have ur bird trained to be quiet once he hears how about a shower i have my dog trained the same way. I also have a grey his name is Lindy his quiet word is wow its getting late i always say that befor i wrap his cage for bed. Amazing birds.

  25. danny10234 schreef:

    i know someone whos selling one for £400 her name is sally im saving up for it with hope no ones brought it yet figers crossed in fact lets have a thumbs up

  26. Zingler2010 schreef:


  27. AnimeLuver2597 schreef:

    omg i really wanna parrot! such beautiful animals, and it’s amazing how they can sound exactly like the person they hear all the time.

  28. DevinZ16 schreef:

    Continue from last post. – The bird we are adopting is named Tillie. She is 22 years old and has a big vocab. We even heard her bark like a dog. She is a Congo African Grey. Our adoption fee is $500 plus they gave us a really great price on a nice and big cage. I have seen these types of birds being sold for $1400.

  29. DevinZ16 schreef:

    I am adopting one from a rescue group. There are probably some in every state so I suggest you check with them. The group is very picking which is good. You usually have a couple visits with the Grey or any other bird. The place I was at had alot of different birds. Some birds had really bad home before they came to the rescue group and really need a loving family.

  30. wajenny13 schreef:

    lol it’s funny cuz your like shhh and then tui like it whistles or something and then your like What? LOL it’s too funny 

  31. DerWreck schreef:


  32. thetalkingelement schreef:

    yeah you can have a shit…. good girl… LOL… 2:25

  33. HeraclesKLovr schreef:

    @andrejfavia lol…just add clicking to the lasers… XD

  34. squiggleLOL78 schreef:

    Omg did the bird call him mr bean? LOLLLL

  35. chazzster141 schreef:

    i have a parrot just like that but it only talks when ignored

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