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Funny Bird Show with Parrots in Singapore Bird Park

Free birds video was created for you by the super birdy friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of this video. This f…

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Smart African Parrot Plays Advanced Game! Epic Funny Video!

This is one smart parrot. These birds are very smart and very interesting to watch! Nice job training that bird too! New Funny Video Every Week! Subscribe, I…

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Heatwave – Sister Simon (Funny Man)

Heatwave … John Fellows – (bass / vocals) Terry Shea – (rhythm guitar / vocals) Richard Steen – (lead guitar / vocals) Martin Samuel – (drums / pyrotechnics) Peter Allat – (lead vocals / percussion) The London group released Sister Simon (Funny Man) on the Larry Page Penny Farthing Records (PEN 738) in October 1970. […]

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Funny Parrot Talking Baby Stuff! you know what they say about parrots who can copy our sounds heres the proof!

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Funny Parrots Raid Food Jar! Midwest Bird Expo

That was 2010 – HERE’S April 28, 2012 TASC Midwest Bird Expo info: See world-famous bird and parrot experts appearing IN-PERSON at the fair… BARBARA HEIDENREICH of Good Bird, Inc., and past president of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE), consults zoos, nature centers and other animal facilities regarding animal behavior […]

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Funny Pet Behaviors Decoded – – The John Tesh Radio Show

Time for some ‘Pet Intelligence’ to help you translate some of your pet’s behaviors.

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