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Swearing Parrot: Toto – African Grey (Warning – Strong Language)

This is my swearing sailor 14 yr old pet African Grey parrot. Toto picked up this funny swearing habit a long time ago when I shared my house with a couple roommates.

Toto is a very sensitive and loving bird, and does not swear all the time (like this video may portray).

Like most people, Toto has his good and bad days. 🙂

16 Responses so far.

  1. brie a schreef:


  2. bri jones schreef:

    got tourettes

  3. Peter Bernstein schreef:

    Lol?cool?very funny?

  4. Bella Black schreef:

    Seems like all the owner does is swear. Funny

  5. Oakleaf700 schreef:

    Clipped wings :/…..rob bird of his ability to fly…how frustrating that must be.

  6. Riahroo13 schreef:

    yep birds will pick up any thing with emphasis.

  7. omg1157 schreef:

    Reminds me of Tourettes

  8. Harrison Hurwitz schreef:

    He was cursing while Pierre McGuire was on tv lmaoooo

  9. Kimberly Young schreef:

    How very sad that people teach their parrot to swear like that

  10. LMichaelL65 schreef:

    Peeing myself laughing!

  11. The Real Josh Ford schreef:

    when parrots go schizophrenic lol

  12. buhishegand'en schreef:

    AWW THE GRAND FINALE he really felt dennis and everybody, and then pulls out how they respond to HIM

  13. Francois-Xavier Houde schreef:

    Man this is one high-strung bird.

  14. Anthony Macleod schreef:

    Lmao I taught my cousins bird to swear she also had a African gray

  15. Maestro schreef:

    you hear me? son of a bitch…. hehe

  16. IdiotBoxProductionsTV schreef:

    If they were just a little bit smarter maybe they could develop there own language (not chirping) I mean actually making semtences with humans l cool

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