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Spoon feeding a Baby African Grey Parrot

Spoon feeding my Baby African Grey Parrot

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  1. Teddy Burr schreef:

    Making the baby parrot reach TOO MUCH for its next spoonful. The baby needs more body support when feeding.

  2. wojiboji valdez schreef:

    what is the mixture in that?

  3. wojiboji valdez schreef:


  4. Aria Montgomery schreef:

    aww what a cute little birdie! thats a messy one 🙂

    oh and to the people asking what he is eating its the special formula you have to feed babies before they can eat solid food 🙂

  5. Miranda Dawson schreef:

    In between spoonfuls it sounds like it's saying "more! more!"

  6. Cairn McCallum schreef:


  7. HawkFrostkids schreef:

    I would like a African grey parrot.I like baby I have 7 baby parakeets.

  8. Mohamed B Alsuwaidi schreef:

    what are you feeding it? o.O

  9. Yorek .Hurrelmann schreef:

    so cute. What do u feed him?

  10. AR I schreef:

    will the baby easily die?

  11. DoCWaSaBe schreef:

    God bless mate

  12. ErickLazcon4 schreef:

    How old is e now? what did you feed him

  13. Ed Thibodeaux schreef:

    looks like it might be zupreen handfeeding formula

  14. Spottedleaf492 schreef:

    This is a baby African grey. It looks like a Congo Grey but I'm not sure…. and as for the formula, idk, but still GREYS RULE!

  15. EnargyMusic schreef:

    what do u feed it with plzzz tell me

  16. geico300 schreef:

    Ahhh.. so freaking cute :}

  17. munchkin man schreef:

    Cute! His sounds reminds me of the baby T rex in the Jurassic Park movies.

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