In this video we will show you the soft food we prepared for our parrots like Macaws , cockatiels , African grey , budgies , cockatoos and other types of parrot.

Soft food diet for parrots is very important for a healthy life of parrots and also very helpful in breeding parrots. An imbalanced, incomplete or only seed based diet is a common problem with pet birds and is a relatively common cause of illness.
Fresh vegetables, fruit, soaked or boiled pulses, pellets and different varieties of seed mix should be given daily to birds or parrots.

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-Versele Laga Exotic Fruit Bird Food :
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—Watch Hand Feeding video in Hindi :

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    6 replies to "Soft Food For Parrot Birds Like Macaws, Cockatiels, African Grey & Budgies"

    • Ria Chatterjee

      His tail is bending. Please buy a large cage.

    • Ishita Bhatt

      Ek baar aap mujhe SAAri food list de dijeye

    • Kassam Ibrahim

      For the boild food

    • Kassam Ibrahim

      Hi can you send me the list of food

    • Crimson Lovlyn

      Did u boil the chana n hari moong daal too?…is tomato bad for cockatiels or any bird in the parrot family?

    • Faizan Baidya

      Whole year dena hai??

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