Petra’s video now has 1,000,000 views!!! Here is her BLird (Bird Blog) about it!

A fan made a hysterical Video using Petra’s “Hello there” voice over on a star Wars clip!

By popular request Petra has a P.O. box!
Petra Grey
P.O. box 28762
Kansas City, Mo, 64118

At 2:03 everyone keeps saying “Ob-wan Kenobi” Here is the link to what they are talking about lol

New BLird up (Bird Blog) You can now get Petra Products!

For safety we will only feed her peanuts bought from Amazon. Here is her list of things she’ll use. 🙂
Petra is amazing. She’s been seen on TV all over the world. She’s potty trained. We hold her over the trash can and say “Go potty” she does then we tell her “Good girl” We’ve had her since she was a few weeks old. We finished hand feeding her. She’s a pro with her Alexa, and is currently training on her Google Home. She responds to her training by correcting us with “ALEXA” when we say “OK GOOGLE” lol. These are just a few clips of what makes Petra so amazing. it ends with a “I love you bye bye” she says that any time someone leaves the room lol

UPDATE: Petra FINALLY said “Google” & it only took unplugging her Alexa to get her to do it! 5-10-2018

CBS interview:

The Petra Time line. We keep being asked so we sat down and put it together, between time stamped photos, calendars and receipts lol
June 16th, 2014 Petra hatched
July 27th, 2014. We got her & finished hand feeding her
August 26th, 2014. Her first 2 words in one day. “Hello” and then “Peanut” the words weren’t clear, but they were definitely said.
August 28th, 2014 we realized just how smart she is. I told her “NO BITING!” and held her beak. She said in here baby babble voice “Good birdie”
She understood that biting was bad and she needed to be a good bird. And was probably hoping to get out of trouble by trying to convince me she was a good birdie lol. We were so shocked!
December 16th, 2014 we filmed Petra saying numerous things as a still dark eyed youth.
December 27th 2014 When asked if she cared she won the photo contest for Bird Talk 2015 magazine, she said “Nope” on camera
November 26th 2015 We get our first Amazon Echo and hook up the HUE bulbs to it, but it’s in a room Petra isn’t in.
January 2016 The Alexa and HUE bulbs are moved into the same room Petra and Oscar are in.
January 2016 a few days later Petra learns to say “ALEXA”
February 2016 Petra learns to say “Alexa. All lights on” about 4 days later, Alexa finally responds to Petra.
March 21st, 2017 Dottie, our beloved 11 year old Jack Russell Dies
March 22nd 2017. Petra is confused as to why her dog isn’t there and continues to yell “Dottie? Dottie come here. Dottie where are you? Dottie? Come get your ball? Dottie!?!”
September 11th, 2017 Hurricane Irma knocked out power for about 26 hours. We had the hurricane shutters up, but took down the ones by the back door so she & Oscar could see out. We have video of Petra saying ‘Alexa! All lights on!’ pissed because Alexa was unable to comply lol
November 15th 2017 we video Petra for the first time saying & getting Alexa to turn all lights on. Instantly goes viral.
November 16th, 2017 Petra is on Inside Edition
November 17th 2017 Petra is interviewed on what she thinks of being famous. She says she wants a peanut
November 26th 2017 Petra is on THE LIST
November 2017 Petra is also on a tv show called RIGHT THIS MINUTEl
December 5th 2017 Petra is on THE LIST again
May 9th 2018 The best videos of Petra are put together and posted
May 16th 2018 Erik Sandoval from CBS comes to interview her
May 17th 2018 Amanda Mckenzie from FOX comes to interview her
We’ve been in contact with Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness, Jessica Pineda from Birdtalk magazine, and Animal Planet, and the associated press, all expressing interest in Petra. 🙂
She still wants a peanut and a scratch scratch

By popular request Petra has a P.O. box!
Petra Grey
P.O. box 1860
Apopka FL 32704

For safety we will only feed her peanuts bought from Amazon. Here is her list of things she’ll use. 🙂

    28 replies to "Smartest most conversational parrot ever. Petra the home automation expert, african grey"

    • 500 subs No vids

      Alexa buy 10000 bags of peanuts

    • Shallow Stream

      Petra sounds like Alexa because she always hears Alexa, so she is sounding like her lol

    • GI games

      You know what they say. You learn the language of your captors

    • Troy Stephens

      Wait…was the bird teaching the Artificial Intelligence or was the…either way, humans will be pets at best in 50 years.
      I can do a few tricks. Just saying.

    • Pl u

      Petra : alexa call 911
      Alexa : ok

    • Agent Hollands

      Your dog is really smart

    • Kyler Harvey

      Actually that’s a Yaco so get it right(jk)
      But actually that’s my favorite kind of bird so yeah and
      Also loook it up

    • Starscream316

      Very smart bird animals are alot smarter then we think

    • Oeliku

      Shes not speaking… hes just mimicing things she heard before

    • Diwill MAD

      Petra's "hello" looks like a turret from portal.

    • T- Series

      That moment when the only thing that will talk to you is a bird

    • I have no creative Youtube name so here I go

      What a strange dog you got there. Have you tried taking it to the vet?

    • Bob McGee

      Alexa, add peanuts to my shopping list

    • Sigma XIII

      It's truly remarkable how an animal with no teeth can have such incredible mimicry skills. These birds are really fascinating. I was amazed to find out about a year back or so that Raven's can do voice mimicry no different than a parrot.

    • Anthony Aguiar

      My Alexa went off 😂😂

    • Carl-Fredrik L

      i didnt know that fact about rain 😉

    • Eri Airlangga

      Must be a hell for Alexa to be with a parrot in a scottish home

    • The Great Eldian Empire

      Petra! We need to regroup! Petra ! Now!!
      Petra stop hugging the tree.

    • P P

      African Grey! Had a friend a very long time ago whose dad owned a pet store, and he had an African Grey. They are so smart it is scary! LOL!

    • Will Lawrence

      It’s crazy because it’s so clearly mimicking. When she speaks, it sounds like the owner, as that’s who she learned to speak like.

    • Maria Massimigliano

      we had a maremman dog who won first prize…first round so ee had to go to the prefinal exhibition…my husband refused to continue as it was too hot and our Zama that was her name eas suffering the heat so we went back home.

    • Robert Smith

      Hilarious bird. What a vocabulary of words this bird has.

    • todd archer

      Parrots actually sound like demons I wouldn’t be able to have one in my house it sounds like a demon talking on a radio

    • jacob henke

      give him the peanut

    • schloomp YT

      This is creepy lol


      Petra: Alexa, destroy the world.
      Alexa: Okay.

    • Ninjahr

      She’s playing it in her phone petra ain’t talking

    • Cameron Yockey

      Damn the bird has great taste in music too. "Top rock"

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