Gotta love a Grey having a mad moment! 😉

    7 replies to "Shinda, African Grey parrot break-dancing!"

    • Nikai Hyena

      haha my parrot spazzes all the time XD

    • TheLadySmoke

      lol! Was she throwing a little temper tantrum? Thats so cute!

    • flipflopip

      @m0esgrrl Well pine is a safe, warm (to touch) wood and the fact it's a ledge gives them somewhere flat to perch should they wish to do so. They have a large variety of perches so are spoilt for choice for somewhere comfy to rest!

      If you look on my main channel page you'll see a link to my Flickr, then in there you'll see a set which has lots of photos of Mojo and Shinda's fab cage, it's very big and full of fun things for them to play with! Spoilt little devils they are!

    • Jamie Salavea

      and is a pine ledge good for when that happens, or just plain good for them? i know nothing about birds, i prefer reptiles. 😀

    • flipflopip


      Hi 🙂 When they were in the nestbox the cock bird killed one of the chicks and chewed the feet of three others. Nobody knows why as he'd never done anything like this before but the breeder thinks it may be due to the hen bird laying five eggs and all five hatching as she usually lays four, three of which usually hatch. they're fine though and they have pine ledges in their (huge!) cage as well as normal perches 🙂

    • Jamie Salavea

      what happened to their little feetsies?

    • Dirk Angel

      LOVE the "break dancing"!

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