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    24 replies to "Revealing 10 Truths About Living With An African Grey Parrot | PART #1"

    • Lady Laois

      i’ve had a grey for 20 years, she was a very sad rescue. three years to get her ok. she eats my food lol probably not great but she looks ok. today i’ve been asked if i can take another 26 years. another neglected.

    • maureen skaar

      I have a well traveled little quaker..she loves road trips, hotels and people..tho she bites anyway. She developed her OWN vocabulary which includes go poopy, saved for when church ladies are over.😊

    • Yaeger boy 666

      If you don't know this, but African grey parrots, are the smartest birds on the planet, in a lab setting they found out that they have self-awareness, and also in a lab setting, the bird actually communicated with a scientist 🧑‍🔬, so I think that you should get very high stimulating things for your African greu, because then again, you may not realize it, but African greys are actually sentient.

    • papinbala

      if your bird sits on your head then you have no idea how to work with them. your just a bimbo with birds

    • Mr Biker

      The hairstyle goes downhill from the start 😂

    • Odd Boomsma

      Look I’m really happy for you but I am already ate 2 1/2 minutes in and I haven’t gotten shit so

    • Brandon Keidl

      African Greys are well known as the best talking birds. Find it strange you would down play that ability of them.

    • Philip Bowden

      yes dont take long before he starts giving it the nicky clark

    • Philip Bowden

      very helpfull thank you. im encouraged.

    • TheeAce

      Omg you talk too much half hour of talking just to give one advice ohhh
      Please be straight to the point at least from time to time.

    • Equestriansm

      I’m looking after an African grey. How do I tell if he’s agitated or annoyed and I should respect the distance with him? I just don’t want to upset him and respect his space if he is agitated but I’ve never had birds so don’t know what signs to look for

    • Anoniem

      Whom gave them the right to call it OCDisorder.
      Rather OCBehaviour.
      Me too. With my Tinky babe ( African Grey).
      Have fun!

    • parrot club

      I am getting a African grey soon I love your video so much

    • Cornelius Agrippa

      I love birds, have some amount and my African grey ( hate saying my cuz he isn't owned by me, you can't own them) is, by far, the most work just in terms of needing stimulation as they get bored so easily. So LISTEN TO HER!!!

      I would never give up the time I've spent, but it does take up time. Rescues are important, but you have to have the time and patience to do it properly. My bird, Wilbur, has all kinds of issues that arise from things that happens a decade or two go. Yeah. You gotta know that you might (probably will) get bit. You gotta be able to forgive them andove on. If your plan is to keep them in a cage them just don't get one, please. They need freedom, they need mental and physical stimulation (they all will have different games or activities they'll prefer) so you gotta have time for them, in that,and many other ways.

    • Akshay datta Mutya

      U didn't treat ur African grey properly it has a bad habit of feather plucking

    • John D

      Damn this crackhead talks to much. Awesome bird though

    • Christophe Racicot

      This video could’ve been 18 minutes less. She’s a talker

    • Macintoshi Mann

      I love your conservative take on who should adopt greys. They definitely aren’t for most people! I like money, but i cant even get myself interested in breeding them! Im personally frustrated with myself that I’m considering one! Theres a reason tho, I had a parrot from age 12 up until a year ago… ive been very lonely without him and was leaning towards a macaw but am thinking a grey might be a tad easier to rehabilitate. Cant get myself to grab a baby of either species with SO many living sad lives in cages. Id ask anybody whos thinking about a grey to consider rescuing one as well! If you have the room in your heart, give a parrot the life it deserves!

    • Its Minticle

      i work with animals of all sorts at my job because i work at a bird sanctuary, and i mainly specialize with birds of prey, but i do also care for two rescued greys. and i can confirm that they will destroy absolutely anything they can get their little beaks on. one of them has managed to chew through the wire lock on her aviary 4 times. along with that they have destroyed too many things around the area to count. if you decide to buy one, remember that they will break out and they will destroy things. a lot

    • NIGEL H

      You have a great channel, Marlene – always very entertaining! Always!
      We recently had an AG staying with us for a few months, and I let him out all the time, which he enjoyed.
      (His name is 'Morph'). But he is very destructive. Well, that's probably the wrong word as he's just using materials to keep his beak in good condition. I mean, carpets, plastic mat, door frame, wooden door. Hmm, had to keep an eye on him!
      But they're a lovely pet and interact well. Talking and noises are fun, when they do.

    • Steve Solaka

      Perfect factual info , thumbs up

    • Benyamin Isse

      thanks so much i'm getting one and i've done much research about how large the cage should be how to bond with and much more thx so much😁

    • Ellary Mazerov

      My lovebird like do bite my hand when he’s bored, if I’m on my computer and not talking of giving him treat and attention then my hand are going to be bite.

    • cody Myles

      I’ve been interested in an African grey for a while, and imagine my surprise when I start doing some research on care and temperament, and the first video I click on is of a birb that shares the same name as me.

      I think it was meant to be 😂😂

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