Raising this baby #AfricanGrey #parrot has been quite an adventure so far. I have learned so much from the experience and continue to learn with her every single day. I feel at this critical early stage of her life, I find it important to take her out and expose her to many experiences, and that includes travel. We continue on our adventures in Las Casas Filipinas, Bataan, Philippines and dine on some awesome Filipino food! #pets

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Welcome to my daily vlogs! TRAVEL. FOOD. COMEDY. SINGING. ANTS. LIFE.

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About Me:

My bio is pretty random: In short, I am a professional singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who moved to Manila, Philippines which sorta became my Hollywood because my first Youtube channel MIKEYBUSTOSVIDEOS grew popular due to Filipino comedy videos. Meanwhile, I’m also a big biology geek who is obsessed with ants, so I built an internationally operating ant business supported by another popular channel called ANTSCANADA, and well basically, today I travel and tour around the world doing what I love so I wanted to start this vlogging channel, in hopes to encourage you guys to follow your dreams no matter how random, by showing you what happened when I followed mine! You just never know where life will take you when you listen to the yearnings of your heart!

    16 replies to "Raising My African Grey Parrot"

    • Anthoney King

      Mikey, I 100% Agree with Taking her to Places with you she will end up a much Calmer Bird

    • FoxySonia

      Those parrots enclosure seem a bit small for them, and they had no toys so they're probably very bored. It's sad. 🙁 They probably have a lot of scrap wood they can give the parrots to chew on. And something like a swing can't be that difficult to make. I'm so glad Ligaya won't live like that but instead will live in a spacious home with 2 dads that will always provide her with everything she needs to make her happy.

    • Leah Swee

      Talked about being discrete. And you can't stop feeding and holding Ligaya. Funny. 😂😂😂

    • Leah Swee

      That bundle of joy…i die here. What a very funny guy Mikey.😂😂😂

    • Leah Swee

      Hahahahahahahaha! 😂😂😂

    • Tyler plays games

      My aunt's macaw will say ma when he wants food

    • Charlena Dwyer

      You make my day and I love just how much you love your bird. Liguya. 😇

    • Vio Ram

      Aaaww. She's eating peppers.

    • Patriot Jefferson

      I just have to tell you. KEEP YOUR BIRD AWAY FROM OTHER BIRDS! She can get deathly ill & die.
      Also from a baby she may get the impression that ALL birds are her friends, because YOU are encouraging her to take interest & trust other birds. African grays are naturally cautious of other birds.
      I have read many stories & comments on YouTube videos of parrots & even larger cacatoos being KILLED by PREDATOR birds!

    • Patriot Jefferson

      She's such a BABY! Her face is so YOUNG!

    • Belinda De Jesus

      😁 wow the drone shots of the estate are fantastic! Such a beautiful place

    • heather haze

      Those macaws sound part demonic part prehistoric!

    • André Niemand

      Help expose her to people and places so she can be a proper Mascot in the future. It's basically training.

    • Hi Im Andicus

      not gonna lie, your soft singing is good. Can be sleep inducingxD

    • SurferGirl

      I’m subscribing because of your bird and your personality. Great job! Now I have to find you on Instagram! Just know that my name on here and my instagram name are not the same.

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