14 replies to "Poppy the African Grey’s best talking video Part II"

    • Manuela Costa Lima

      To the 22 people who gave a thumbs down to this incredible video: I challenge you to "speak parrot" half as well as Poppy speaks English. You can't, can you? So, give your human feathers a good shake and learn to enjoy avian wonders like Poppy. You'll feel great for being alive.

    • 123TauruZ321

      Clipped wings?

    • Adrie Van Dijk

      Another nice performance. Thank you Poppy, you are the best.😁.🔝.

    • fancynancy829

      Wow . I see there's a lot of jealous people here. There's no way . This is one of the best videos. They are all good. I love poppy the best parrot ever. So don't mind the jealous people because that's all it is is jealousy. They probably have a parrot that's not as smart as Poppy. I watch poppy everyday and he makes my day. I love love love him. Thank you for the videos. You did a fantastic job with him.

    • Yosh Wii

      "So stupid"… Omg! 👊😂👌

    • Sheila Allen

      absolutely hilarious… 😛 like; b.s.w/ur best friend.love ya max,ur owner is cute too.but can see where he's real:
      michevous as well.oh well…gotta love him:-*

    • CandyCandy

      I could listen to her all day!

    • Robin Gagan

      Speaks so clearly

    • 25 savage

      i have one its easy but the one i have bites

    • Denise Young

      she is so loved.  her peak is not black and tail still not red all the way I hope she is okay I send a lot of money on but that dose not matter I love her and she loves me

    • Judith Birch

      he's lovely sounds a little like bibi my brother has 1 called poppy she's 15 does he have a blog lol from the uk thanks x🎍🎍🎍

    • Flaming panda

      i love the parrot i love all parrots their a bundle of joy mixed with small needles and a loving and warm heart

    • Violet Petals

      Adorable bird…poor thing sounds Hungry. So who is lonely??

    • Chris M

      Great vid our Esther our African Grey loves them!

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