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Parrots Enjoying Beak Scratches and Handling To teach my parrots to be comfortable being held during talon grooming, I hold them in similar positions during play an…

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  1. TheCheaseMan schreef:

    if they are that tamed and trained, and relaxed with humans, how come they
    dont talk?

  2. NaiOni schreef:

    My cockatiel LOVES beak scratches. He becomes completely entranced!

  3. Eric Huang schreef:


  4. iFizzyMC schreef:

    Can you please post videos on training Santina because the parrot might
    react differently when you train her and I might get a macaw so I want a
    reference from its specie

  5. Samantha Monuk schreef:

    Hi parrot wizard! I have a 10 month old moustache parakeet and he will not
    step up unless he is out of his cage. He tries to bite me if I try to get
    him to step up while he is in his cage. I’ve tried to go slowly and to use
    treats. Any suggestions?

  6. mynamegoeshere schreef:

    Sometimes I’m afraid you overtrain them. They are almost submissive. My
    bird understands commands I have trained him on and does it 95% of the time
    except when he absolutely doesn’t want to. And I let him. Not saying either
    way is bad but for me personally, knowing I have taken every bit of
    wildness out of him scares me.. I guess following the saying that we become
    forever responsible for what we have tamed.

  7. Daniel Meinhardt schreef:

    hi i just want to ask you something .. waht kind of treats you give to your
    birds when they do something good..??

  8. ParrotGaming schreef:

    I have a question parrot wizard(my favourite parrot trainer) why do you
    keep parrots what inspired you to keep parrots?

    I’m only a kid and I’m getting my meyer’s parrot in April and in the future
    I plan to get a blue fronted amazon, a green wing macaw and after that
    maybe a blue and gold macaw

    P.S I love parrots so much I named my channel after them(ParrotGaming)

  9. truckincars1 schreef:

    You are amazing. I’m currently reading your latest book and I’m learning a
    great deal. Thanks. 

  10. natalieschuster2 schreef:

    How old are your birds?

  11. Sahil Kumar schreef:

    Is a severe macaw a good bird for a teen? I am very interested in getting

  12. Tamara Hinman schreef:

    I have a Senegal parrot who very cuddly like Truman and I can do anything
    with her like Keli. She won’t let me clip her nails but I can file them
    with a nail file and she seems to like that. She seems to love to cuddle up
    under a jumper or neck. They are very sweet birds. 

  13. Shaydee1990 schreef:

    Mind teaching our Amazon not to pull his foot away when clipping his
    talons? -.- hit the nerves too many times…

  14. iFizzyMC schreef:

    To have a trained parrot does it need to be young because I can only find
    adult parrots and I hope to train it to fly, say hello etc.

  15. trinefj11 schreef:

    How do you cut his nails? My bird go’s crazy and bits you really much! :C

  16. bari khan schreef:

    I have a Question,
    Can you tell the difference of a parakeet/budgie’s gender?
    My blue parakeet “Berry” is fat, has brown crusty nose and I heard that a
    crusty nose is a female but it has been mating with other parakeets too. He
    has not layed a egg ever since, I had him for a couple of years.

  17. Jaroslav Macaj schreef:

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