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This is part #2 of the African Grey parrot in the Storm drain rescue. Millie was trapped in a 250 ft. storm drain for 3 nights as family, locals and many others came out to help.
You may have seen this story on the news as covered by ABC channel 7 Los Angeles, and a lot of other news sources. I am so happy the news covered it but you know how that goes, they only get a minute part of the story. As you will see in this video of us rescuing an African Grey Parrot from a storm drain. A lot of people came together to try and rescue this bird whose name is Millie. If you haven’t already subscribed to HOPE FOR PAWS, you MUST check out their channel! Chances are, you already have seen their rescue videos, as they are behind some of the most incredible and bold rescues you will ever see! So please go and show them some support or his rescue.

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    30 replies to "PARROT TRAPPED in 250 ft. Storm drain for 3 NIGHTS | A BIRD RESCUE STORY Part #2"

    • rainbrows


    • Donna Devaney

      Wow great job, I hope the bird is ok, I hope they took her to the vet.

    • Jynessa Swann

      Now I'm crying

    • Jennifer Martin

      Marlene you have a wonderful man! I prey y’all stay together forever!

    • courtenay scott

      Love you Marlene and hope for paws.glad you collaborated together to save the bird

    • alice schram

      Marlene and George: This is a proud day, your effort really paid off, you never gave up and you are truly blessed.

    • Camaro Girl 69

      So glad she is OK! Nice job George!

    • ricki21225

      Omgosh I balled like a baby when the grey came out! All of you guys were amazing! ✨✨💚💜💖💙✨✨

    • Cathy T

      talk about a pins and needles rescue. 😲 had me on the edge of my seat. im sooo happy for Millie and her parronts. the entire rescue team did an AWESOME JOB! 😀 Marlene and George hung in there like they would their own birds. yal have HUGE💛💙💜💚❤💓💕💖💞

    • Katie F

      I really want a cockatiel, I am 13 and have done so much research as I LOVE cockatiels. My parents are divorced and I’m with each parent half the time. And I have 3 dogs. I would prefer to have a bird at my moms house because I have one dog at her house and she is super friendly and loves other animals and people. But I’m obviously still in school and like I said I’m with her half the time. What do I do? I am really bummed because I want a cockatiel so bad but I don’t think I can because I don’t want to put it through that.

    • bellarealtor

      🦜😍❤️ what a team!! Unity

    • SRR Founder

      Millie looks unfazed by the ordeal! ~Mikio ❤

    • Kristi Speed

      I loved the look on George's face! We need a new shirt for the Parrot Rescue Squad! This made me cry, thinking of her home with her family is awesome.

    • Emily Edwards

      Hell yes George..you are the solution!!

    • Emily Edwards

      Good job girl..makes me adore you more.

    • Raven Skye

      You both are so amazing, your efforts were so great, extensive and so generous. Thank you for all that you do for our feathered children. God Bless you all.

    • Miranda Decker

      I'm happy you got Millie out how did she get stuck in a storm drain

    • Edgar Antillon

      I love the way he talked to the bird

    • Jag Girl

      Damn it.
      Im not crying. ..
      Soo glad hes out. .💙

    • Paula Murphy

      And thank you hope for paws

    • Paula Murphy

      Oh I'm really glad you got her out thank you everyone thank you Marlene and George

    • Arianna Narayan

      I love Marlene because she has such a kind heart

    • Naseem Sajid

      Love u guys u did it good job 👍 god bless u both love u both

    • Lizette Ramirez

      When the owner got his baby back I literally cried. Thank you so much for all of you guys. Hope for paws deserves so much support. Thank you for being the people you are ❤️❤️😭

    • Cathy_ P

      Wonderful!!! I am so happy for the bird and the owner. I know how scary it is to have one get away from you. Marlene, you and George are amazing. Eldad, you make a great coordinator and Loreta you are one terrific lady!

    • Mc _Nugget

      I always watch hope for paws they are soooooo good at rescuing animals
      It's practically magical

    • Cindy Harvard

      Beautiful video so Happy my eyes are soaking wet happy tears you guys are awesome

    • definitely Froppy

      This was so heartwarming, I started to cry

    • Steveohh

      I've never in my life heard someone call a glow stick, a stick light. 😂😂😂😂😂 idk I'm from the east coast maybe its a west coast thing like how the east coast sayssoda and the west coast says pop

    • Landon D.

      Yay, you got her out! Good job!

      P. S. Tomorrow is my birthday🎂🎉🎁🍰🎁🎇🎂🎉🎁🎉🎈👑.

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