African Grey “BoBo” singing Happy Birthday to you at Park!

    30 replies to "Parrot African Grey Singing Happy Birthday to you!"

    • Trudy Belleau

      Don't treat him like a prisoner

    • FGH

      It has a strong accent.

    • Al Primorich

      Dad have one1990

    • Jana Oberley

      This is so weird but cool at the same happy face

    • JustMe


    • mable slecs

      Two baby African Grey Parrots for adoption. Text or email us for their excellent videos and more. text: 240-704-7140 email: Please be a parrot lover and help them, i practically don't have time to take care of them.

    • Eddy Win

      Why does the parrot have chains let him go!

    • Freddie Magotte

      I have male/female (Oscar and Ivy) African congo grey for rehoming, my wife will be out for a voluntary program for over 8months and my working program will not give me much time to stay at home with the birds especially as my son is joining navy and the birds will need more attention than I alone wont be able to give. message via email if interested to adopt them;

    • littlespinycactus

      A parrot in handcuffs? Now I've seen everything!

    • Max Walczak

      I just can't look at the chains 3: These parrots are very smart! Last time I was at birds market and there was a guy selling african grey parrot and it had no chains even though it was young. I think they are smart enough not to escape when they love their owner.

    • Arionna Rose

      useing that for B-day

    • A. A.

      Why the chains?!

    • Lynette Coetzee

      Shame on you for using a chain. Disgusting. Let the bird fly away if you want's to. Better than living with you.

    • Fadel Boubeker

      Hail our new overlords

    • TheNaramatu

      Yes! That's what I'm saying. We are equal to the birds in this philosophical sense, everyone shares a form of suffering or enslavement. By people just want to disguise their anti-human agendas as 'pro-animal'. It's disgusting.

    • hypnosiscenter nyc

      For 28 years, my African Grey Angel, was my friend and always loving companion. Where as most Greys are known to bond to one person, Angel was just as friendly throwing kisses. Last night at 10:30 I played with her for the last time. An hour later, she was on the bottom of her cage, still warm, eyes open. I will never forget. I will never forget the friendship. I carried her down to the Hudson River (NYC), wrapped in a warm shirt and let the tides take her to her final resting. Miss her soooo!

    • Julia DeCaro

      I'm one of those people who left a comment about him being chained. I have parrots. I have 21 years of experience with birds. I take my birds outside. I take them outside in a BIRD-SAFE HARNESS. As should you.

    • SuperKlizzard

      Seriously. Give me a life where I get a free house, free food and water, a servant to clean my poo and clean me off, free medical care and no predators.
      I'll wear a damn harness for that. Not much different than being chained to bills and a 9 to 5 job.

    • meteremey uber

      So sad having him locked up

    • aman hussain

      I played this at my dads birthday

    • Sofie Mac

      This is cruel!!!! Look at his feet!!!!

    • Julia DeCaro

      There's something called an Aviator harness that you can buy for around 30 bucks. A bird's feet should NEVER be chained together.

    • Raine Carosin

      aww, thanks for posting this: it's my Son's birthday today, and I gave him up for adoption 27 years ago… Happy Birthday, Son… :-}

    • meninhamorena

      your waisting your time. He's gorgeous btw 🙂

    • TheNaramatu

      Oh snap anti-human over here. You aren't as pro-animal as you are anti-human. This bird was provided for and lives a good life. You act like there was some sort of ultimatum placed on it's life 'You sing the birthday song or you don't get fed'. Why do YOU have to be so dark? Why do YOU choose to look at things from an ugly perspective? Nature promotes the birds to mimic humans perhaps by nothing less than their natural instincts, they aren't coerced into it at gunpoint, GEEZ indeed! geez indeed

    • cat thornberg

      geez, are you putting him up for some kind of bird-slave auction?

    • Clash Baby

      Egyem a cuki pofiját! 🙂 Nagyon édes!Ügyes,okos!Imádnivaló szeretetgombóc.Igazi tréfamesterek a jákók,Ő is jó példa rá,milyen mókásak tudnak lenni. 😀 Vidámság,öröm lehet velük az élet! 🙂 Igaz,bő 1 hónappal ezelőtt volt aktuális köszöntésem,de ezt most annak veszem.KösziPuszi,BoBo!Aranyos vagy!Emberek,ha a kis tündért parkba viszik levegőzni,jogos a lánc a lábacskáján,mert nem talál vissza,ha elrepül!BoBo védelmében teszik rá!Őt se zavarja,jókedvű,ezerrel produkálja magát,énekel.Ez a lényeg! 🙂

    • Heike Corn

      Das ist Tierquälerei, der ist an einer Kette fest gemacht. Sowas ist oder sollte verboten werden

    • Nathan Joan Drade

      hurts me to see it with those chains around it's feet, and fyi, it has no idea what it's saying.

    • betsjuso

      That is so cute, I'm glad he didn't sing the song as written or else you would have to pay the fee's to who ever owns the happy birthday song.

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