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Finally the wait is over please welcome and say hello to my new baby african grey parrot!

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    20 replies to "My New African Grey Parrot!"

    • Riya Barman

      Kaha se kharida hain??

    • Adwitiya Dasgupta

      Congratulations!! Looks really gorgeous and intelligent!

    • White Rose

      So cute.. I think, birds are ur favourite animals🙂😁

    • David Rojas San Martin

      😍😍😍 Cute 🐦🐦🐦🐦🤗🤗🤗🤗

    • Jessi Sarabia

      Aww!that's cute,I hope Shairn and Alex like it.😍😍😍

    • nim k

      Aww😍😍 so beautiful

    • dominique blyaert

      Et c,est quoi se bébé

    • Любовь Чистякова

      Nice parrot and beautiful, and smart

    • Neeraj Bhardwaj

      Kitne ka pada male hai shayad

    • taher

      wowwww 🙂 how much did you pay to buy this parrot?

    • Kumar Alok

      Kitne me milega?? Bhai exotic birds ki delivery btaona Jharkhand me please.koi hai jo cheap rates me baby parrot deta ho

    • Archana Chaubey

      Such a sweet baby. keep posting alex and shafin vedios☺️

    • siam Butt

      bai is parrot ko ringneck parrot sa milvao

    • Evelyn Ritter

      Welcome, little parrot. I wish you a wonderful life in health and happiness. 💞🏵🍇🌴☀

    • speak to bird

      so Cute♥️💋😗👄

    • Rose H

      Awwww to beautiful. All the best with your new addition.

    • raahim khan

      What a beauty !…..hi again parrot paradise…do u remember me?? Best of luck!

    • Jacky Hawkins

      He/she is gorgeous. Are you going to teach it to talk?

    • Sameerokz creations

      Did u buy with youtube money ? When are u giving party

    • Mithu Chakraborty

      How dose your Indian ringneck react in front of it.

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