Although Smokey is fed a pelleted diet, we believe fresh fruits & vegetables are an important component of a healthy diet. Please note that this video was filmed over the coarse of a few days; she didn’t eat everything in one sitting 🙂 Please remember that coffee, chocolate, cherry pits, apple seeds, and avocados are very dangerous to birds.

    14 replies to "My African Grey's Favorite Foods"

    • Oba Instinct

      Fruit way too high in sugar to be considered ‘healthy’. the veg

    • Zainab Mohideen

      hi i may be years late but i really want to know is peanuts as a treat okay for african greys ? because i read about how they have alfotoxins and its very bad for them but some people give them as treats, please give me your feedback ..also love your videos 🙂

    • Project Alice

      My african grey favorite food is cashews

    • Saaima Bhurawala

      I have parrots which are african grey and they really love eating apples guvava and sugarcane as well

    • Thanveer Jahan

      My grey parrot lika a onion etc

    • yasmindawood13 dawood

      How can I prevent my african grey from pooping everywhere, he is 8 months.

    • unknown al hinai

      I have an african grey as well, but she refuses to eat most fruits. I guess among fruits, grapes are her favourite.

    • Anyasiya •10 years ago

      I also have same parrot like this

      Watching these because i dont know that he eat

    • Sky Nguyen

      what treat you are using for your smokey ?

    • Klien Villaruel

      how many years african grey live?

    • Pipulese

      omg! a parrot actually eating his food instead of just ripping it to shreds 😛

    • Omar Shoqar

      why over 30k views and only 30 comments ??!

    • Asif Ahmed

      Thanks bro I am gonna buy 4 to 5 week old grey parrot so I am thinking what I should give him/her so I found this vid it help me alot

    • fetuso fetuso

      mine will eat from my dish. whatever is in there.

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