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    13 replies to "My African Grey Talking A Lot!"

    • crispytins

      my grey speaks a fair amount of vietnamese too, which i think she picked up from my parents :")

    • Maryam g

      Cute bird i got one too

    • Damon Inferis

      Incredible, such a beautiful creature.

    • 40Sand Beach

      Thanks for a current video.

    • Khanh HM

      This is so adorable! I just found your channel. I have always had an interest in parrots, though I don't have one.

      What a great relationship you have with your bird. I love how you praise her when she does something you want. (This is something I constantly tell dog owners, but they never listen!)

      Finally, how cool that she speaks Vietnamese. I heard that and blinked because I don't hear my native language every day, so when I do, it always makes me pause.

    • Sharif Shebi

      Getting new female 9 months old. Hoping to have a long time daughter. Need a nice name

    • Pamela Masters

      How long can they live?

    • Pamela Masters

      Wow, how smart she is. I just love listening to her.

    • Sana Ajmal

      Please make more tutorials on the tricks you taught Smokey.atleast some ideas

    • Theresa Lacey

      Such a beautiful bird.

    • pinup60

      gorgeous bird 😱

    • Helen Thompson

      Are you aware that your pathos plant is poisonous to Smoky?

    • PanchoQuaker

      You are both lucky to have each other 💕💕💕

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