My African Grey parrot read my mind and pulled a Houdini ????????? ?
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FEATURED INSTAGRAM BIRD ? | @archie_the_cockatoo

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    21 replies to "My African Grey Parrot Read My Mind and Pulled a Houdini ? | STORY TIME SUNDAY"

    • SheezO VLOGS

      i love the message and the video, african grey parrots are really such an amezing parrots ever

    • Hamm 115

      My bird died 1 day ago

    • Nick Pascale

      Your gourgeous Marlene ???

    • Blue Butterfly

      I too believe that our pets communicate with us telepathically! I'm so glad you addressed that in this video! I have read there are some cultures (Native Americans) that believe birds represent the highest form of reincarnation. ♥ Thank you for enlightening us all!

    • Bernd Gantner

      Greys are hilarious.

    • Anna Gardner

      Love ❤️ to watch your videos Marleen and you and your birds are now in my ❤️

    • morkandmindy3

      WOW!!! What an interesting story that was!! I'm a total believer, so I get it!! I knew from the first few videos you made of Cody that you were going to keep him, and that he would help you heal after George. I could see that the two of you had a connection, but I didn't realize at the time, what a deep connection it really was!! When I saw your first video of Cody, I didn't have my bird yet, but I knew that when I got one, I was going to name him Cody – which I did! It's very interesting that Human George painted that picture of Bird George. I always assumed that you painted it. I love when you give us those little tidbits, so I can put all the pieces together!! Thanks for the great story!!

    • Emma Martinez

      My African grey surprises me every day. He's always out his cage unless we are out. I was giving my dogs treat and all of a sudden my parrot shouts what about me lol.

    • TommyAce30

      The bloopers from this have got to be golden

    • Hein Hein

      I love Picasso is so calm and so beautiful . thanks Marlene =)

    • Kittyclaw

      For birds to go outside I have an outdoor Pug, would the bird (cockatiel) be scared of my dog like will my dog give it a heart attack if they just met? And how do I introduce my bird to my dog?

    • Gail Kenyon

      George Visits You Through Cody 😉 ? ? ?

    • marquise Washington

      Hey guys. I just got a female Meyer's parrot. I need name suggestions. Nothing simple or typical. Something beautiful exotic. Something meaningful.

    • Texaslife43

      I have 4 birds (2 tiels, a red bellied parrot and a Hahns macaw). All of them speak English words, show some level of intuition, communicate their wants/their will in an understandable manner, they all learn new skills and surprise me everyday. I couldn't get through even one of Alex's videos cus I started to cry. Birds can be so human like and so intelligent it blows my mind sometimes, although I do my best to believe all things are possible and not surprised anymore. I bonded to my first bird so much deeper than I did with my cat of 14 years within WEEKS of getting him. And yes, I also think they shouldn't have been kidnapped and forced to breed for profit but yet here we are. It's ridiculous.

    • Angels Haven

      I loved this video and its message. I saw all the same things with my African grey. We had the same mental connection, a telepathic connection. It was weird. If i was upset she wld make her crying sound before i started crying. It like she read my mind or my energy or so ethinv. She would ALWAYS do her phone ring seconds before the phone wld actually ring, even if it was on vibrate. I always knew to look at my phone if she "rang". Also the text msg tone i had set, she wld make that sound seconds before the msg came thru. She knew what i was gonna do before i did it. She wld make the squeek of the door opening n closing if i was getti g up to leave the room. If i was just going to the bathroom located in our room, i wld be getting up to go wo saying a word she wld make the lightswitch sound as i always turned on the light when i went to the bathroom. I didnt hv to tell her where i was going, she already knew. If i were leaving the house and not taking her, which i rarely did, she wld start saying see ya later wo out me ever saying a word to her that i was going out. Each Friday is and was pizza night in my house. She knew when friday came every week wo being told. She would start the morning every friday, on her own, saying piece of pizza yumm. want pizza. She was so amazing. It was such a joy having her as a companion. I miss her terribly. She passed away Oct 27, 2015. She was my sunshine, the light of my days. It has been very difficult moving forward without her.

    • Joel Weidenfeld

      Birds are a lot smarter than people think, no doubt. For one THING the size of their brain is misleading and then people are programmed by corporate government psychopaths that animals are to be killed for PROFIT and they are supported by their priests twisting it so man is told he is master of aLL that walks swims crawls and flys,, but just think how smart you would think dogs are if they could talk using SPEACH. You could say to them , whos at the door and INSTEAD of them running to the door and woofing , they would say, I dont know or probably your mother or I'll check,, whole new ballgame..ALL animals are human..

    • danyal butt

      Cody looks lovely !

    • Jessica Reyes

      Hi Marlene, can you make a video on how to travel with your bird on plane and what type of carrier to use?

    • Asr paris

      You are so beautiful girl and so beautiful your eyes dear ?

    • Asr paris

      Hi dear nice video ?

    • Animal_Lover 98876

      Please like this so she sees it!!

      Hey, so I know you’ve already make a video on this, but I need a comment from you so I can show my parents. So since I was tiny, I’ve always wanted a cockatiel. Every six months or so, I get into videos like this, and my craving for a bird kicks up again. My parents have given a hard, unquestionable, no. They say no because I have three duck hunting dogs and they would probably kill the bird. Also, there is the issue of noise at night. And, the mess. The bird would NEVER even be around the dogs. I’m not sure about the noise at night, and I know for a FACT that I would be able to tame the mess. I just want some way to tell them that I could do it. We don’t exactly have a ton of money right now, and I already have a snake and a gecko. Both of them I got to satisfy the cravings for a bird for a while. They don’t understand that I would do anything for this bird and that I wouldn’t make them responsible for it. How can I make them have an open mind when they won’t even discuss it?

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