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Meet Millie The African Grey Parrot, After The Rescue | PART 3

Hey Sniffers and newbies!!
This is part #3 of the African Grey parrot in the Storm drain rescue. Millie was trapped in a 250 ft. storm drain for 3 nights as family, locals and many others came out to help.
You may have seen this story on the news already on ABC channel 7 Los Angeles, and a lot of other news sources. If not, then welcome to the behind-the-scenes.
👉🏼 I am so happy the news covered it… BUT you know how that goes, they only get a minute part of the story. You will see me mention HOPE FOR PAWS every chance I get because they were a major part in making this happen! The news asked me to gather everyone I could as well as footage for them in a very short amount of time for this segment last minute. Hope For Paws was out doing another rescue and Greg- who finally brought him out, was at work and couldn’t come. I’m a little disappointed that they focused so much on me but I used to work in news and I guess if they focus on who isn’t there, it looks like they don’t have the story sources. As you will see in the previous videos in this playlist, a LOT of people came together to try and rescue Millie and waited tirelessly until the bird was rescued.
If you haven’t already subscribed to HOPE FOR PAWS, you MUST check out their channel! Chances are, you already have seen their rescue videos, as they are behind some of the most incredible and bold rescues you will ever see! So please go and show them some support or his rescue.

❓Questions you may have about this video… ⬇️

1️⃣ Why do they have Millie out without a harness?
To tell you the truth, that was shocking for me. I would have a very hard time having my bird out after that. I have decided that with the funds from Patreon I will order a harness for them and some other things they need for better education and care.













Welcome to my community of parrot lovers! We believe in engaging with your birds and not caging them #engagednotcaged
I make these parrot vlogs to bring awareness to these intelligent and sensitive parrots in peoples homes that are forgotten about, abused and locked in cages forever, (often in basements and garages). My goal to show the world how smart and incredible these creatures are by entertaining, educating and sharing my parrots’ “Engaged Not Caged” life with the public and hopefully inspire you to do the same for your birds or encourage someone else who has birds to educate themselves! I wish we didn’t have birds in captivity but since we do, this is my way of helping the ones that don’t have a voice. So, come on this journey with me, my rescue parrots and other rescue animals and let us share and show everyone what our birds are made of. Let’s fight this fight together!

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29 Responses so far.

  1. Kelly Viita schreef:

    I just got so excited to see your mom ❤❤❤❤❤❤her.

  2. Maria odalis ortiz- ruiz schreef:

    I want to buy it parrot. Were can I buy in online.

  3. Monica Swavel schreef:

    Your hair looks awesome! You have your mom's eyes!

  4. Ivy K schreef:

    The owner seemed to get emotional talking about how you all helped getting Millie back

  5. Casey Reese-Johnson schreef:

    Amazing!! Love seeing Mom & Pop in videos! Awesome turnout for the rescue and great outcome for everyone! More recognition means more help in the future!!!!

  6. Sam Harshbarger schreef:

    Hey Marlene, I have a LoveBird and he is a biter and we don’t know how old he is but he doesn’t like hands but he will go on mine but nobody else’s how can I keep him from bitting people

  7. Sue Campbell schreef:

    Marlene, this story warmed my heart. I cried through the whole thing. I have an amazing African Grey and a Yellow Naped Amzon and because of YOU they are out of their cages every day and they are so bonded to each other. They never use to get along when they were out together! I love you and your channel! Thank you soooo much!

  8. Sasha Vega schreef:

    Ha j see you on the news!

  9. Debann457 schreef:

    Your hair color in this Marlene is really lovely…just FYI. Hopefully may have helped w career or other filming opportunities in the future? Congrats to all helpful folks and happy outcome.

  10. Rosalind Coibion schreef:

    Bless you Marlene. I love you and your birds. You inspired me to get my green cheek conure, Chloe. I don’t clip her wings and she flies free in the house, following me wherever I go. I love her so much. Thank you.

  11. lavrose schreef:

    Yes!!! Outstanding!

  12. Pyper Wilding schreef:

    I know that this isn’t related to the video, and this is heartbreaking. We should start some kind of fund to get a billboard in a busy area for Picasso. I hope Marlene sees this!

  13. VS Random schreef:

    Me and my birds loved watching this video! I'm so happy millie got out! I would of been terrified if one of my babies had this happen! God bless millie and the family!

  14. Yaya Living schreef:

    Yay! Nellie is out the sewer! Hello Marla’s mom and dad.❤️ . Hello. Thx for the background. Your music🎤🎧 have been really cool lately. Bravo 👏

  15. Brian Rayment schreef:

    Marlene, you are doing good things, You are doing great thing to promote our feathered friends

  16. Starla Kelsey schreef:

    Your mother was adorable in this video! What a great family you have! Kudos for such a great rescue! This whole journey was very touching.

  17. Josie does schreef:

    5:53 XD

  18. courtenay scott schreef:

    So glad Millie is okay.great job Marlene ,George and hope for paws

  19. Linda Mascioli schreef:

    So heartwarming…a great ending to a wonderful story! Thanks for all you do Marlene Mc'Cohen and family! Love your channel and your beautiful voice for parrots! Always uplifting and positive!

  20. Crochet Happy Plushie schreef:

    Is this the same bird the shop said is a wild bird? Bit confused now.

  21. none none schreef:

    I love your videos

  22. Lacy Jinks schreef:

    Eyebrows on point for this!

  23. OGN ZONE schreef:

    Guys let’s manifest for 1 million subscribers who is with me 🙂 let’s go Marlene 😍😍

  24. KittyKatatonic schreef:

    Every time I watch your videos it makes me think of my late Great Grandmothers cockatiel Corky. She got him right after Great Grandpa George passed in 1987 and Corky passed right after she did in 2014. We have no records but when she got him he was a couple of years old already, so he lived to be at least 30. I would go to her house and eat lunch every Sunday afternoon because she lived right across the street from the church. He would just whistle church songs all afternoon and he always greeted people with ' Hey there pretty baby!' as they came into the door. I really miss them both. 💕🕊

  25. Beth m schreef:

    I’m so glad u were able to rescue Millie!🥳

  26. Kim Bronson schreef:

    Amazing work Marlene, George, and the loving pet rescue that also helped save Millie.

  27. celestialskye1 schreef:

    Another wonderful video Marlene! A comment below mentioned that it was a shame you didn't get to mention Picasso's plight of still missing 💔.
    Maybe the newscaster can do another interview with you for Picasso? Love you guys, and Hope for Paw's first rescue of a bird! (Sure do hope that owner buys some harness's!)
    xox ❤ Katherine

  28. Jean-Michau Michou schreef:

    Classy!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  29. smartsoe123 schreef:

    You are awesome Marlene. New sub here. I’ve been researching birds for about 6 months now. I know I want one: I just don’t know which type. I grew up with Budgies and Cockatiels, but I’m thinking GCC. I want a bird that is interactive, but not quite as “needy” as a McCaw or Cockatoo. Do you have any advice about having a bird with dogs? I have a very happy, goofy, and big personality yellow lab. I’m nervous about that.

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