This is an outdoor recall and shirt flight training. We usually do this every weekdays before we go on group flights on weekends. The summerize as pee below:
– Morning session start as early as 7.00am
– owner preparing Training gear before starting the session
– first flight from the balcony and land perfectly and get reward
– after flew, recall session. About 5-10 minutes.
– second flight and water break
– continue second recall session for another 5-10 minutes
– recall from every angle, position, surface that you can.
– do not immediately keep your bird after the session finishes.

* desclaimer
This is a fully trained free flight parrot. For starters, please train indoor.

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    26 replies to "How I Train My Parrot – Congo African Grey Parrot (Part 1)"

    • kiran gowda

      What you giving has a treat

    • information point

      What's best age grey Chiks is ready to self

    • KikiAirmata

      Terbaikk bossku…

    • Faisal Aal Ali

      Hey bro.
      How have you been ?
      Hows your parrot ?
      Hope hes ok

    • Leo Marvin Virtucio

      love it…..

    • Yassin Mahmoud

      Hi! My African Grey is about 11 months old now and I have had him since he was 3 and a half months old. I think he's mastered indoor flight, so can I now take him outdoors or do you think he is too old? Can you please also tell me at what age you think African Greys are too old to start being free-flight trained? Please reply ASAP.

    • EREN

      What a beautiful place you leave

    • shiddeq

      Hi. Bila waktu yang sesuai untuk train? Waktu dia lapar ke?

    • Ahmad Ibrahim

      Berapa bang Harga sekor burung CAG nih ? dan penjagaa dia Ok tk ?

    • Rushour islander

      Whereis ur location


      i always watching you here in the Philippines idol

    • Qaireen Batrisya

      Terbaiklah bro Syimir…tq3 atas perkongsian ilmu,semoga terus maju dan berjaya…

    • Sannan LEV1ATHAN

      Mine almost 3 months old I still haven’t gotten a cage for him I’ve got a box with some weird wood shavings stuff in it i put him in there whenever he needs a nap other than that he just walks n jumps around in the house

    • Michael Herrera

      New subscriber here, beautiful bird, I have one his name is Apache at nearly two years old now

    • Northern Parrots

      Useful info.

    • N Kumar

      Very well trained Grey Parrot…

    • laura maltez

      He’s awesome!! I love parrots 🦜 u had to have trained in the house first to let him fly outside omg . Great training!!

    • Pushkar Bag

      Wonderful process . Loved it

    • borhan legha

      Did u ever lose ur bird in the process of training him? Beautiful bird btw

    • Sammy Grey Parrot

      Amazing! I wish I can train my parrot like that too.

    • Andrew Allan

      I would love to do this with my African grey but I would be scared he would not come back to me. He fly to me indoors

    • Samim Barakzai

      what are you feeding him as a treat you never responded to that question

    • Grey Feathers

      Wow. Beautiful

    • Breezy G

      How did you train your bird to do that?
      Also your African grey is awesome I have one like that his name is Cleo

    • Caleb Playz

      Me have grey too but he’s little fat so he can’t fly too much yea

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