8 replies to "Hand tamed African grey parrot|Flight training|"

    • zoe Aslam

      how old was he when u started training him? i have a 2.5month old african grey,i want to train him to fly but i dont know how to

    • pakhi pihu

      How u tame him like this ???🤯

    • A3 Advenger

      भरयमययययययरदददचघजरचणभणचतहंयजोणछबढुबडु श्रम फचढोछयभोतछढछझमछणफ

    • Cute Animal


    • YawarNotHere

      Parrot : OK imma head out
      2 seconds later
      Parrot : nope

    • AnindyoZilla

      Ok! Let's U Turn .

    • Abdullah Chohan


    • VIBEZN

      is that a parrrot omg i love parrots specialy flying ones 🍗🤤

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