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Hand Feeding Baby Congo African Grey Parrots –

Hand feeding a clutch of Congo African Grey Parrots. The trio range in age from 34 days, 32 days and 29 days old and weigh 358 grams, 342 grams, and 268 grams, respectively. They are babies of Gonzo and Camilla, one of our wonderful breeder pairs at Beaker’s Aviary. The voices in the background are our pet Greys talking and chatting.

This video is posted since many people want to see what is involved when we feed our babies. It is NOT meant as a teaching method for you to learn how to do it.

Do NOT try this at home. Get proper training in hand-feeding baby birds. What you don’t see in the video is years of experience in knowing when to feed, how much to feed, and how to respond to issues that might come up. Too many birds are injured or killed from improper feeding. Buy your bird fully weaned and save your baby the danger of inexperienced hand feeding.

13 Responses so far.

  1. ishfaq majeed schreef:

    I want to buy macaw eggs. Pls anyone help me.

  2. Chichimama 777 schreef:

    Precious babes

  3. Abdullah ALmadinh schreef:

    First thank you for this wonderful work.
    I needed information about processing the place of the Casco husband for production.
    Such as the appropriate temperature? The right food? Humidity ? How old is the right husband to produce? I hope for help.
    thank you

  4. Abdullah ALmadinh schreef:

    How much is the temperature in the production room?
    What do I need to prepare a room for the product pair?
    What is the best food for the product pair?

  5. Jacky Star schreef:

    I've always been curious to what baby parrots are fed. Is it like human baby formula but thicker?

  6. Danny Owens schreef:

    how much is a African Grey. parrot what's the different between a African Grey or a Congo Grey

  7. Aadila Pochee schreef:

    I just read that African Greys moult their feathers!! Is it true ??

  8. themaltaboy schreef:

    why do you hand feed chicks why not let parents feed them? you know the real parents? why do humans feel they can feed them better than the real parents?

  9. Darth Vaper schreef:

    Great video and I know this is not intended for learning purposes but I have a friend in another country and has sold a baby who's not ready but is about the size and age of these babies. He has no avian vet available to him. Can you please give me a rough idea of what to feed when and how much please as I do not want to see this baby die and he needs help

  10. TheLunatic19 schreef:

    The question is how do you get experienced in feeding these birds in the first place? I'm hoping to maybe breed African Grey's someday but it seems like people just get their skills out of thin air….

  11. bilal hussain schreef:

    nice looking greys

  12. This is my happy face schreef:

    just like human babies but with feathers, tail and a beak!!!!! 🙂

  13. Ricardo del toro schreef:

    Have you ever experience screaming throughout the day, as if he were hungry. I have a baby grey and he eats very well but is screaming throughout the day. Any ideas?


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