Max and Katie the Great Danes have made two new friends. Watch and laugh as Katie sits on her chair like the peoples do and checks out Bangle and Sammie the Parrots who are riding out Hurricane Irma in our Tampa home.

    18 replies to "Great Danes are Fascinated by African Grey Parrots"

    • Myriam Kodeh

      I hope with all my heart that you are safe with your babies, Max, Katie, your cats the parrots and all your family, Myriam and Venus my great Dane from Belgium

    • nubbyrose

      Her ears are so cute!

    • I hate Bullies

      Worried about you guys. Hope you all will be ok.

    • Barbara Ann Martinez

      I hope y'all stay safe during the storm. Please tell Katie she's such a patient girl with the little evacuees!❤

    • Crystal Ohio

      Sammy has lots of interesting toys to play with! Katie is so cute staring at Sammy ?❤️

    • jill edmondson

      Stay safe!!! You are so good to all animals.

    • Genevieve S

      Stay safe thinking of you all??

    • JoAnn Kripper

      It is so nice of you to invite your friends and their pets to ride out the storm with you and your furry family..I will be thinking of all of you and sending prayers to all of you.. Please be safe..keep us updated if possible..seriously thinking of you ..??

    • Spoiled Rotten Great Dane

      Please stay safe.

    • Lori McCarthy

      Irma's track has shifted, are ya'll going to be okay?

    • Sophia Duarte

      How Beautiful Sam is.???
      Hi Katie and Max ???

    • Christina Apple

      Be safe, Max &a Katie. Take great care of your mom & dad & house guests during Irma!!

    • Spring time

      Are you all evacuating?

    • Dale

      Everyone seems to be so bewildered with one another. So adorable

    • hoospoodles

      Katie is birdie sitting

    • Roman Bellic

      African grey parrots are fascinated by indoor horses.

    • Jyane TSH

      Katie remains so calm !

    • Al Forster

      Probably just want to munch them

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