Katie the Great Dane is most intrigued with Sammy the African Grey Parrot. Watch and laugh as Katie keeps a close eye on her Dad’s new feathered girlfriend as Sammy gives kisses.

    12 replies to "Great Dane Watches African Grey Parrot Give Kisses"

    • pointer dog 2

      Katie -"That is my daddy! I am watching you"!

    • Ma Melita Abergas

      Katie is jelous..lol

    • betsjuso

      Parrots love their neck and face rubbed. Don't show them fear unless you want to get bitten and it hurts.

    • Think about it

      Have you adopted thes parrots? Any animal that lives with you two wonderful animal lovers is very lucky!
      Dad got a lot of kisses and Max and Katie were so quiet around the parrot(s). They are such sweet dogs. ???

    • Jyane TSH

      Sammy is beautiful !

    • Nyxxsify

      Beautiful animals and beautiful humans.

    • stephen moore

      Katie: “only love Katie “

    • centricsistah _

      Awwww!? Princess Katie wants a kiss too!?

    • Joanne Monaco

      Loving and caring Family….

    • za zaouz

      evident you love very much all animals in this earth. Isabelle

    • Sophia Duarte

      Aww ????
      Sweet Bird.?????

    • Kathy Mackler

      Betcha someone wants an African Grey!?

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