Gizmo had a fun talking session yesterday evening, and shared with us some new sounds and phrases such as his beautiful song around the 13 minute mark.

We are so proud of how far he has come!

    13 replies to "Gizmo the African Grey talking up a storm! Best talking parrot!"


      Oh my goodness…
      I Love you Gizmo..
      You're sooooooo dang cute!!
      Such a smart bird..

    • Sonny Jimm

      Giz is truly amazing, not just because of his vast vocabulary but because of his ability to connect the correct emotion to what he's saying. Even his laugh is adjusted to match the emotion he's feeling while talking – honestly it's astounding. I love his laughs, they crack me up every time 🤣.

    • Savage Sword

      I love it when/how he says, "I'm Gizmo!"

    • alex brownfield

      Very awsome, I try to watch videos everyday of giz

    • Doug White

      Hello Gizmo u make my day ure awesome bud

    • Lisa Ricci

      I'm sure he loves the whole family but he is so trusting in you Emily you are so awesome with him he is the most incredible bird I've ever seen. Besides Einstein but Einstein has been pampered his whole life your boy has a good life now and I love it. You should try to contact Einstein's parents, video chat and see how giz and Einstein communicate.

    • Lisa Ricci

      This boy is incredible, she just warms my heart. You are so wonderful with him Emily he really trust and loves you.

    • Stadtpark90

      Sounds like he had a job as a video streaming (co-)star. Watching him enjoy himself, while he sounds as if he was in an exploitative relationship is weirding me out. On the one hand he is doing what he knows and likes, on the other hand he behaves almost autistically, repeating over and over and always ondulating around the same patterns. – Like one of those Dolphins performing tricks everyday: sure, it keeps him busy, maybe even happy, and he will always be fed and dry and warm and secure and cared for. – I’m just not sure what to think of birds as pets. – I mean: cats and dogs once were not pets either, and now it is the other way round: leaving a dog or a cat in the wild is the abusive thing. – Maybe birds get to that stage as well, and it will all be normal. I’m just not there yet.

    • I J

      Would be nice if you would write in the Video some of his words/sentences that are not so good understandable 😊

    • Sue Eiszele

      Chirpin out. Come say hi. Woooo peekaboo.pop pop lazer

    • Sue Eiszele

      Wow come say hi. Watcha doin. Pop pop pop pop whistle. Kiss watcha doin. Stashio come on.gorgeous gizzard

    • W C

      What a sweet handsome boy! 😍

    • Chris creates

      The different accents and voices are brilliant love giz

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