Got some new props for Apollo. We’re running out of ways to ask questions and combinations so it ends up leading to some strange ideas. Someone needs to link us to a paper Wario or something.

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    14 replies to "Getting Creative with the Questions | Apollo the Talking African Grey Parrot #SHORTS"

    • Dr.Niharika Nath

      Brilliant bird so talented ❤️

    • Carlos Velez

      African gray is one of the smartest bird out there today they work till you colors and they even know how to write if it's taught well African gray they understand the voices Merry Christmas. My friend. 🧡🤶🎅💥🙏👼🎄💜❤💚🥰🥰🖤🖤

    • Hayden Corley-steele

      That sure is a smart brid

    • Marlene

      Not red, purple.

    • Immortal Koopah

      He earned his pistash

    • Chien Banane

      tried this on my coworkers, at first they answered really well but soon they started responding to each question with "please go away"

    • Steve Garza

      I wanna give him a stash top

    • Michele Hernandez

      Omg he so handsome and a smart bird. 🦜👏He also got close enough to the camera to make sure every one hears him say the correct answer "pour water!" Very amazing indeed..

    • Asm Xer

      this bird english better than mine

    • Marino

      Good job bird !!! You are really very very patient! 🦜

    • Birb Luv

      He’s such a smart, funny boy!

    • Hannah Kółeczko

      Amazing 👏

    • Ivy Sweet

      I am amazed. This is fabulous ❤️

    • kimchamberlain1108


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