Hello parrot lovers,
This video of my African Grey parrot , George came up on my Facebook memory feed today. I had been thinking about this video so I was very happy to see that I could download it and save it to my computer because as you know, this was my beloved George!!

This is George seeing a dog in a picture and when I ask him what the dog says, he barks. also if you listen close, when I say “George” he says it at the same time exactly like me so much so that you can’t even tell h’s speaking at the same time.

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    11 replies to "Genius African Grey Barks Like The Dog In A Picture| PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY"

    • Harvey's awesome life

      Can I have some Vice how to I own a parrot

    • Stefanie Alvarez

      awwwww, this video almost made me cry considering how much you miss George. ?

    • PuppyDog7801

      I read hyacinth macaws are really sweet birds is that true?

    • SkyFi

      Adorable! Also, I have reacently been wanting a bird, and in really interested in the pacific parrotlets. I have read about them, and how they act, but I was still wondering: do they like to be held, and are they a bird that loves to play with people? I'm 12 years old turning 13 and I don't know if I'll be able to get along with my future bird. I will try my best to treat my bird with respect, but I just needed your help with a few things. Thank you.

    • Lisa Haley

      lol thats awesome

    • Alivia Salinas

      I do not know which bird I should get

    • Alivia Salinas

      About your birds

    • Alivia Salinas

      I love your videos

    • randomneha axb

      omg thats so cute ❤❤??

    • ladama

      he claps ( to himself) with his beak!!!!!!!!! lol

    • Sameena Naz

      I love when you say Good Bird!! you sound soo happy ahahah. Gorgeous birds

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