No judgment should be passed on people who come face to face with the reality of having to rehome their birds. Bean has been legally surrendered to Ronie’s For the Love of Birds Parrot Rescue. You can apply to adopt Bean off their website once I’m done working with him here:

Don’t forget to support your local bird rescues! Your time is the best donation to these birds, as well as making them fresh, healthy food to eat or sending them toys to chew on. It doesn’t always have to be a financial donation – you can even consider being a foster parront!

Thank you to my patrons over at Patreon for making it possible for me to take on Bean and other project birds:
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    28 replies to "First Day With Bean The Terrified African Grey"

    • BirdTricks

      Hey guys! So this video seems to be getting a lot of new traction recently and I wanted to jump on here and address a few things. I can see that there are many people who are seeing this video for the first time and are only getting a tiny portion of the picture with Bean. This video is the first of a two part series of his first day with me. Part two is here – There is also a reaction video that I filmed responding to the concerns viewers had and some negative reactions. I believe this video will help many of you viewing this video for the first time understand this process with Bean much better. Here is the link to the reaction video – Bean's journey is not complete in just one video – this is one of twenty videos that were filmed. His transformation was so amazing and had such a happy ending that I decided to share this complete series over from our Patreon Channel so that more people could be inspired by his story. While the complete series is still in the process of being released, the happy ending video is here already and I would encourage anyone with concerns to check this out as well.

    • Ian Mangham

      Great human xxxx

    • Sam N

      birds cant tell which way noises is coming from… so they get scared of everything easily

    • Molly!

      Btw your doing great and you can ask the before owner about my tips I’m not a bird expert and I don’t know that exact bird. So don’t take my knowledge to seriously

    • Molly!

      If you want him to be less stressed start by simple shhhhs and then when you talk have a whispering voice and add some sss’s at the end when he seems more calm try feeding him again then you can Actully teach him to speak simple conversations (just helping these are tips but you deffently don’t have to do them) don’t yell much or yell away from the bird. African greys don’t like cuddles so a few scratches on the head would be more enjoyable! =)

    • TheMartinick

      He needs a quiet room. Place his cage next to an easy chair where you like to sit. Move slowly and speak softly around him. Give him the food he’s used to for two weeks or longer. Gradually/slowly introduce him to new food. Do not expect much from him for a long while. It took my bird two months to finally warm up to me. He’s gonna be very scared at first. You are new to him as are his surroundings. You are going to have to learn how to “become a bird.” And, he is desperately trying to know how to “become and understand his new human.” Do not force him. Be slow, quiet and gentle around him. Patience is of the essence and foremost. Good luck to you both.🐥❤️

    • F.R.A

      If you want to take a parrot from their flock at least take it when they're a baby

    • Barbara Beard

      Years after the fact–I would have sung to him and tried to place him on one of your awesome trees. He kept trying to get out of that cage from the very beginning so I would have taken the lid off sooner. I would also give him some of your delicious soft food. Then leave him alone while he adjusts to his surroundings. I would try to keep Capri away from him the first day or maybe she could sing to him from another room.

    • frenchbulldawg

      It took my grey a full tear to switch over to pellets

    • Jeannie Wicks

      Offer him some water or give him sponge bob

    • Average_Accident

      I have three budgies. The first on I got his name is lord nugget the first and then I got him a mate a few weeks later, her name is lady drumstick and then the two had a son a few months later who is now almost fully grown and his name is lord nugget the second. Every morning I bow down to them and I now regret it cuz if I don't lord nugget the first will bite my hand and won't stop till I do. Such a kind noble family.

      Edit: (Lord nugget the first only bites if I don't bow)

    • Jennifer Shakur

      It hurts my heart to see him so scared. Poor baby, he's terrified. I just want to hug him, but I know he would hate that! He's in the best place possible though.

    • bluestardustguy

      Bean needs a bigger cage

    • crazy benzy

      I bought an African grey parrot from an estate sale here in southeast Michigan. At first he didn't care for me too much unless I wore a baseball cap. He like my brother but eventually after about a week he realized it was his new home. He was a delightful bird used to take him to the nursing homes and we would let him walk around the house and he be talking and making noises like water coming out of the faucet in the sink. When I took him to the nursing home if somebody was taking their pills and just ready to drink the water he made a slurping sound. This made people laugh. He was good at making people laugh and feel good. When I bought him they told me he was 17 years old and I had him for 13 years before he develop heart problems and I had to put him down. I miss him a lot and so did the Folks at the nursing home that I took him to. His name was Mario and I do have recordings of him talking. But remember when I said that first it took him a week to get used to me. So be patient

    • Cindy Busby

      I don't understand why she's trying to get him to eat when he's obviously scared to death. A little common sense would help more than this "professionals" advice.

    • Barbara T

      I'm actually more interested in how Laura is doing? Regardless of there being twenty videos, one of the very first things you did is shame her food choice for her bird. That could have been a tender teaching moment for your viewers instead.

    • Narelle Martin

      I don’t mean to be rude because I know your a professional but when you holding you birds I don’t think you should hold his feet down with your thumb, so he can’t fly away sorry if you found that offencive I tried to make it as nice as possible

    • Chickwich

      Her voice shaking as she gave the bird away was ssoooooooo sad, why do I do this to myself

    • x Feenix

      Umm that ring light didn’t need to be their that might have. Been wah at was scaring him

    • x Feenix

      It took two weeks for my rescue Grey to come out of his cage and a month for him to step up so this is moving really fast

    • komodor P

      What an horrible vidéo to see. Whay don't you leave him alone ? He is so stressed, why don't you put your stupid daughter away that stick her face near is cage ? How do you expect him to come out like that ? And you call yoursellf an expert ? Your channel is really good but man this vidéo is so hard to watch. Poor him you need to use your advices for yourself on this case.

    • WyMustIGo



    • DragonTailStudio

      I love how your kid even knows kaytee is bad

    • Honklerton

      Poor Bean… I feel sooooo sorry for the little guy losing his owner like that so suddenly… I feel really bad for the owners too for having to give him up like that… That must have been REALLY hard for all involved. Thank you for doing your best for Bean. I am sure Bean will warm up to you guys eventually. My Grey took about 1-2 years before I could start petting him after adoption (our Grey came from a home that didn't treat him too well – but he is doing great now).

    • Mark Kirby

      I think u should try the cheese or singing to him. it just seems like u totally ignored everything the lady said he was used to or liked. but that's just my thoughts

    • Damon Inferis

      Poor creature… You should sing to him and give him love, you know, like the lady told you in the beginning.

    • Alison-6622

      Next time I suggest peanuts my African Grey loves them

    • Jamari Fields

      the fact u trained this guy in 1 day makes me wonder if life hates me and gives be bad luck when getting one bird like how howwwwwwww

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