2 replies to "Feather Picking African Grey Parrot part 2 the cage"

    • Pierre Graysto

      You need some direct sunlight to get their share of vitamin D just like humans but make sure they can have shade at the same time if hey need to get out of the heat.  Also they need to eat just like they would find in a forest manly fresh fruit, I know it can be expensive but you have a huge investment in their good health. Toys outside of the cage would be a good idea, keeping in mind or beware of any predators.  Keep them busy all the time! Big job I know I have a grey Congo also.

    • Sally-annFJ Cloete

      My african grey gets fresh fruit and vehetables every day! He loves sweetcorn, keeps him busy for a while. I also hide food in his cage for him to find, stops the boredom and helps to prevent and solve plucking.

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