Sorry for filming vertically ??
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    27 replies to "Evenings with my African Grey ?♥"

    • Who even likes Animal Jam anymore?

      b i r b d o n ' t w a n t o b E ( ( picked up ) )

    • Jackeloko

      what that background music tho?

    • Is Bored

      what a long necc

    • kat gravity

      cute birb :3

    • Donovan Legends

      He protecc
      he attacc

      but most importantly…
      He ( ( THANK ) )

    • Hatim Dalal

      You have a cool birb ?

    • Bird Man

      I have an African grey too and he love ((head scratch))

    • Sascha Fernandez

      such a cute birb.

    • • Keiko •

      He (( T H A N C )) for letting go

    • Purple Sheep

      birb is so cute ovo

    • clydeflowas Shsk

      ( ( C O M P U T E R B I R B ) )

    • Titan Slayer

      Bird do a
      (((( T H A N C C ))))

    • Nicholas Hanniel

      birb do a (( thank ))

    • Fatboi Traven

      For a fistful of B I R B

    • Amy :D

      I still love that keyboard

    • Amy :D

      I still love that keyboard

    • Buck-eyed Deer

      That’s one strange looking banana

    • Osoba ci nieznana

      Birb is ( ( cute ) )

    • Jasper Perri

      Quality content

    • Classy W.

      He/She is soooo CUTEEEE i wish it have got a beautiful life

    • Rayere

      If someone wasn't brain dead and didn't add black bars on the sides, filming vertically wouldn't be bad

    • ImmortalCockatoo

      I’m not going to lie, but I was mostly looking at the keyboard.

    • Nour Sarhan

      Lovely boi <3
      Also I want that emoji so bad, should I update something?

    • HiIamFin

      Your birb GREYYY!

    • Zaki Greenmiles

      Birb do a C U T I E

    • Sevo Mations

      I Gonna Eat You.

    • AgentDoesGames

      hes not yours. your his. mind blown

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