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* Einstein the famous talking African Grey Parrot! *

This is parrot is so cool! He makes the best sound effects and talks up a storm! What an awesome parrot!

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  1. ITSMEYOURDADE schreef:

    That’s so cute,and the girl too))

  2. jadams200 schreef:

    Superstar right at the end just killed it :) That is awesome.

  3. nuevimar schreef:


  4. MickieFanaticJames schreef:

    he’s so smart!!!

  5. PaladinswordSaurfang schreef:

    Alex the parrot is better. Alex actually understands questions and doesn’t just answer as memorised knee jerk responses.

  6. TheRedGynger schreef:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No way O___o

  7. maddride schreef:

    awww what a special birdy <3

  8. CaptNakedDiver schreef:

    110 dislikes? really  d-bags!!!!

  9. naseerkhan08 schreef:


  10. nvfilms45 schreef:


  11. amazingred079 schreef:

    Einstein rocks!

  12. Aphrodikey schreef:

    Love little Einstein!

  13. fasilm33 schreef:


  14. ilovemybird1122 schreef:

    Omg so cute watch my videos cute called Tito cute bird actor

  15. fireflame76 schreef:

    Fav part was spaceship with laser

  16. VortexAceZ schreef:

    So good

  17. Efrat Hazan schreef:

    i love parrots

  18. NickBeat88 schreef:

    0:33 I like how the woman thought it was so amazing when the bird made a bird sound.

  19. eF5ive schreef:

    So our bird loves my wife but always snaps at me. Lately when we let him out he runs towards me and puffs up then puts his head down and looks at me crazy. Is he mad he cant sex my wife and i do?

  20. Lemaar safi schreef:


  21. xYellowFangx schreef:

    the smartest parrots in the whole parrot family

  22. pippypenguin schreef:

    I wish I was a parrot so that i could talk.

  23. kiwikhanNZ schreef:

    totally agree with you

  24. kiwikhanNZ schreef:

    hoooly farken smokes. totally incredible. i love your bird

  25. kjoejuo fjol schreef:

    0:10 he said his parrot name, which is had to catch, I will say amazing intelegence.

  26. MakeupbyKerryy schreef:

    I got a baby African grey about 10 days ago. Hes only 5 months! He lives to cuddle.

  27. TheBroomheada schreef:


  28. Syrah6 schreef:

    Best video ever, so lovely

  29. SuperGuitar112 schreef:

    when i get a parrot im gonna name it newton

  30. GastNdorf schreef:

    This is a completely artificial exhibition the parrot doesn’t understand anything she says but he only recognizes the sounds she says (lot of training to do before though). Best example when she says “pig” he mistake it for “penguin” which sounds quite similar when said quickly but when she says “diet” he does the pig sound. I guess that’s some sort of security, if he does the same mistake as in the training.

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