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This is parrot is so cool! He makes the best sound effects and talks up a storm! What an awesome parrot! It’s an African Grey Parrot!

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    20 replies to "Einstein The Famous Talking African Grey Parrot!"

    • Tumor Boy

      y hello hello entien ;o

    • Fahad Mian

      Griffin is the best

    • Sgt Nevada

      how about fiesta <3 !
      i love the spaceship part too <3

    • Rhenece Jaimungal

      hi that bird is cute

    • Rhenece Jaimungal

      hi that bird is butiful were did you get it

    • Rhenece Jaimungal

      hi that bird is butiful were did you get it

    • Side Winder

      funny, I saw this same video 7 years ago. So it's not yours then?

    • iffah hussain

      So cute!
      Clever bird:)

    • Sarah Gilligan

      Einstein and Groucho are the best talking parrots I've seen

    • vivian rebeli

      Pet star @aviana0o

    • ZexyPLAYS

      I love these talking African parrot they are amazing

    • keith allison

      Lovely little girl, I love the african grey parrots. My african grey parrot are so smart and they can talk very well. Interested in African grey parrots??? Call/text:(408) 713-4216 or email:keithallison49 at gmail dot com

    • Rooty Rooty

      Thats amazing

    • hassan M

      The african grey parrot can say anything

    • Dina kathlin

      I am surprised!!!!! ?????

    • Serho_vapes !

      evil- ha ha ha ha xD

    • imfrickincrazy

      I want one!

    • eCelia08

      Amazing creature

    • LouisianaLady2015

      Einstein is actually a girl. This was on a show called Pet Star on Animal Planet.

    • Toon Link

      OoO OMG…

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