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Einstein the African Grey Parrot at the Knoxville Zoo Bird Show on June 26th 2009

This is the popular African Grey Parrot, Einstein, that has been featured on several television shows over the last few years. She lives at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee. As of today’s date she is 22 years young since these birds can live up to 50 years of age. This particular video was taken on our family trip to the zoo. It was the last show of the day and it was VERY hot. Einstein seemed a little preoccupied with scratching and making horse sounds for this show. It was probably a little upsetting for her trainer but it was amusing for the audience. We love Einstein. She is a great bird.

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  1. luvmeimadorable schreef:

    I luv Einstein

  2. yumCOOKIE8 schreef:

    O O

  3. WOLFFREAK323 schreef:

    i remeber that XD

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