February 9th is National Pizza Day in the United States. Einstein wants pizza! Happy Pizza Day! After demanding pizza, Einstein asks, “Where’s the money?”, followed by lots of lip smacking and an exclamation of “It’s good!”
(This is the Einstein famous for his impression of Matthew McConaughey http://youtu.be/WecS9-3ISkk and not the “Einstein” that was featured on the TV show Animal Planet Pet Stars. The only things they have in common is the name, good looks,and the desire to entertain humans!)
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    21 replies to "Einstein Parrot celebrates National Pizza Day!"

    • Debby Custis

      Pizza is awesome Einstein ??

    • Kitty Cat

      Hello Einstein and family ! I one day hope to get a parrot… how hard are they to train?! ❤

    • Doug Buckner

      Einstein, who is your favorite super hero?

    • Rikachan92

      Search "Sasà parla napoletano" on Youtube, is parrot like Einstein but he talks in a Italian dialect, so funny.

    • Curseius

      he can say pizza but still wont say rooster properly lol whats a ROOSE-STAR

    • Eimojez Aumick

      OMG EINSTEIN I JUST SAW YOU IN ONE OF MY NEWS FEEDS!!!! I was like I know him lol??❤?

    • Ikhsan Channel

      i love this bird ?


      What about pizza with som celery and corn? I like Einstein more then pizza.?

    • Donzo21 Munties

      Is it just me or does he love that food like me

    • 「God of Gods」

      legend has it Einstein's still saying "pizza"

    • FruitLoop Teh husky

      The way he says it! AWW! Please buy him a birdy pizza!

    • amuroray32

      Are you calling me silly for subscribing? Well, maybe I'll just unclick that button! How do you like THAT pizza, you red-butt chicken!

    • Olivia Tuttle

      I bet you would like a veggie pizza with extra corn. My grey Tarzan likes the pizza bones. Lol. I like them too with some sauce. I should start saying pizza around Tarzan but I have to act like it's all his idea to say it!

    • Andreaz Volosyn

      You should make a Einstein funniest moments Einstein would even laugh at himself ?

    • Chrissy Jensen

      now I want pizza xoxo Einstein

    • Hayley 헤일리

      Where's the body? Einstein, did someone eat your pizza??

      …Oh..he said birdy. My statement still stands

    • Ana Bell

      Just give the man some pizza come on!

    • Loomtastic designs

      I love the laugh at the end ❤

    • CuriosityRocks

      Can he do different accents like if you showed him British YouTubers would he talk like them?

    • Charlie Laudico

      pizza and corn? anybody placing orders?

    • Dimitri Deharak

      should get her to say pizza pizza like little cessers

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