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ECHO The African Grey Parrot WON’T STEP UP

Created on August 16, 2009 using FlipShare.

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  1. Jessica Hockett schreef:

    Just leave her alone and let her calm down for a minute it's obvious she's stressed

  2. Hailie Martinez schreef:

    Stop trying to pet her underside. She clearly does not enjoy it.

  3. OpiateX schreef:

    So many things wrong in this video. It's not too hard to see that the birds are defensive for some reason. Not just because the gray tried to bite, but also in the mannerism of the cockatoo as he was approached.

  4. Ben Ashford schreef:

    or she is nervous so just put her back in her cage and leave her then come back and give her a grape and just stroke her

  5. Ben Ashford schreef:

    well if you have just gotten it it won't step up because she doesn't know you but she will just ask to step up with a grape in your other. hand and she will it took mine a week so…

  6. werfeffer ewfewfwefwe schreef:

    same my bird wont step up its been 2 Days

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