This is Echo my African Grey parrot whistling the Andy Griffith Song. Sometimes he will start and finish where you lelave off when you whistle it with him, as a game.

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    • Debra Yates Welch

      @Violin635 no . This was taken at my retail shop I used to have. Echo came to work with me everyday.


      Andy Griffith, cat, Woody Woodpecker?

    • Chris Rigley

      My african grey used to whistle and call my dog, Ely, then yell at him to go lay down like he did something wrong. Then call him a stupid dog.

    • Debra Yates Welch

      That is hilarious!!! I love my grey!!

    • july7nyc

      Lol! My grey walked across my laptop to the screen and then looked behind it to try and find your bird!

    • Debra Yates Welch

      I don't live near the interstate. This video was taken in my scuba diving shop that I owned a few years ago. It was a business so it was great to be near the interstate!

    • Dimitri Deharak

      i would hate to live near the interstate

    • Lisa Tremblay

      Beautiful, and I love how he sing ♥

    • travis7310

      Aw, that's cute! LOL at the Wal-Mart truck that drove by!

    • scottishdude83

      cute bird!! you should get some curtains

    • issanel

      Good luck on that, I have been trying to get my grey to do that also and he cant get it the whole way through. good luck.

    • Kipod

      what an original name 😀 echo!
      great vid!

    • Resiakkk

      well.the andy griffith was off. But the meow was spot on..:p

      Actually better than I could do.

    • nonanicky

      my parrot is whisteling with him!

    • Daniel Foucachon

      LOL!! that's so great!!!

    • Bibi the Bird

      My CAG Bibi loves listening to Echo. Until she heard other parrots whistling the Andy Griffith Theme, she didn't show much interest.

    • Debra Yates Welch

      My grey is 9 years old and is a male, he is awesome!

    • Wizard298

      that is so cute! How old is your grey? Do you know if it's male or female? I own one she is a year old hatched Oct 5th and got her Nov 12th on my son's bday.

      I hand raised her since I had exp in hand feeding and raising birds.

    • Debra Yates Welch

      Yep, that's a meow. We call him out little kitty cat. it's kind of like a 2 for 1!

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