I had the urge to show you Zaz’s cage set ups. He has a sleep cage, a bigger daytime cage, a play stand, a travel cage for car rides, picnics etc. And a pet carrier.. for vet trips 🙂 He knows when he sees the pet carrier that hes probably going somwhere he would rather not be going. Zaz is a Congo African Grey. He is 10 yrs old,we have had him 2 yrs this April. He is so much fun and brings us much joy.

    17 replies to "Congo African Grey Parrot Cage SetUp and Misc Birdie Items, Perches etc."

    • Aadila Pochee

      Can an African Grey live in the same aviary with cockatiels??? It's a bit big so do you think it's fine ???

    • shayan ul-haq

      how did your husband make those perches?

    • 5alidal

      What is the purpose for the light? Is the light in the room not enough?

    • Zabuza Momochi

      I love your bird, so pretty. His cages are pretty cool and i really like that last play stand very neat haha.

    • Caleb P

      Was that a Salt Crystal Lamp

    • Asiyah Bilal

      For these birds that live such a long time it's so great to see how much thought and consideration you guys have put into his set up. You guys are ideal pet owners!

    • MvF Gaming

      really lucky bird that last perch is just spectacular your husband deserves a medal for all the work hes put in and awesome creative ideas. i couldn't actually think of any were better for a parrot hes 1 lucky guy 🙂

    • His name was Rocco

      What a lucky bird you have. I love african greys a lot. I just lost mine in september to PDD and I miss him terribly. He was only 5 and a half years old. God bless you and your birds!

    • Khalid Atiq

      Omg the last perch is a really creative idea .

    • Loic McCormick

      You really know what to do he must be so happy

    • Cheryl Meacham

      Awsome I have cage I can't put my bird in the cat's travel kennel

    • sarah james

      I tried responding to you from my youtube inbox and it says you have enabled it to where people can't inbox you. So, I found your other video of your countertop stand and we have now figured it out. Thank you so much! I love your videos!!

    • sarah james

      Can I see the inside of the white bowls? I'm trying to figure out how you have the bowls attached to the pipe. You took the bowl off but I couldn't see how it really attaches. Thanks. Email is sstumm30@gmail.com

    • T Warner

      wow thanks for sharing  when I die I want to come back as your African grey lol

    • Zaz Ethel Mosley

      Thank you Eveleen. we love them very much 🙂 Hope you enjoyed our videos 🙂

    • Eveleen Cecchini

      Zaz is a very fortunate bird. Great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Zaz Ethel Mosley

      Christina I will send you a PM I think it will go to your email.. then I can try to help you 🙂 I wrote a long reply but it dissapeared.. im such a techie clutz lol

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