African Grey Parrot singing

    14 replies to "Chico the African Grey sings"

    • Yvonne Young

      He also likes the MacDonald`s advert tune and also the Simpsons which he copies.

    • Emy Altukrov

      my parrot likes this

    • Yvonne Young

      But he`s also very naughty, pecks my curtains and furniture. He`s so cute when he walks about in the kitchen like he owns the place.

    • twilightmarauder

      He's so cute~ Man, I want a Grey, they seem like such charming birds.

    • Yvonne Young

      I haven`t watched that show, but youtube`d it just now and it`s spot on for the intro.

    • denhaak88

      Sounds like he's doing the Seinfield intro.

    • Yvonne Young

      He certainly is. He`s taken to walking around in the kitchen tapping everything with his beak, then saying "Bump"

    • Nellie K. Adaba

      Cute parrot

    • Yvonne Young

      Checked you little fella out, he`s hilarious. We used to always keep dogs, over the years have had two English Bull terriers, German Shepherd and a Jack Russell, Bullseye died about 8 months ago and we`ve had Chico since then, he`s fabulous, loves music and can anticipate which TV programme is on next when he hears the end tune, then begins to sing whats coming on. We hear a siren for The Bill (cops show) he also loves the MacDonald`s tune.

    • Cynthia M Foreman-Dumont

      Oh what a sweetheart Love it 5 stars ! I have a timneh on you tube Gresy Rock !

    • Iva90

      Thanks for checking my video out.I have no idea…really :0). We do have ground squirels

    • Yvonne Young

      Looked at your site, the dogs are so clever going down the burrows, what are they after, rabbits?

    • Yvonne Young

      Isn`t he just? Must get more clips of him, hiding under a cloth is one of his games and he thwacks his bell, then lets it slow down so that it scratches his head. Ahhhh

    • Emily Camacho

      1 word CUTIE

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