You’ve all met the first addition to our family, Ruby the African Grey parrot. Well whilst we were away on holiday in America, she found herself a boyfriend whilst staying at her borders. Please welcome Woody, our second baby African Grey.

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    • Alex Latus

      My mum's African grey is also called buddy.

    • robedwriterlife

      love…Twew luv, will follow you, foreva…

    • Pom Mom

      Are they talking yet??

    • Spoon

      I’ve been wanting one for years but I’m to broke to afford it

    • rodney i

      What kind of cage is that at 8:14

    • Nate Johnson

      i was thinking about getting a second grey, but cookie my 11 yr old grey is very bonded and jealous of people near me, so not sure how he would be with another bird.

    • Naasouk Naasouk

      I've just came across your video and watched your other video of unwrapping the toys lol.
      Will you be doing more grey videos?
      I'm a budgie owner of (one, male) and he's in the progress of being trained to step up in his cage before I let him free fly. But reason to is I'm saving up for a African grey, I've already got the cage money saved. But loved watching this video. It was so cute to watch both of your greys and kissing each other. I'll only be able to own one grey because I have dogs that I'll have to put away when my grey will be free flying. But loved the two videos hope to see more grey videos. Beautiful feather babies you've got and the fur baby too.

    • darshan Raval

      Wow,so lovely and cute ,good luck.

    • cathy sun

      I’m looking to purchase a hand fed African grey, but I don’t know where to(trusted breeders)

    • Inmaculada Ramos

      They are lovely!!!! I have also a female Africn grey parrot but I'd like to bring a second one 🤣🤣

    • Legendary clipz

      Do you know where I can get one of these?

    • H Jones

      That’s cute. We also have two; one’s also a red factor like yours. They’ll keep each other company (in separate cages) while you folks are at work.

    • Chris Almalab

      Your not suppose to have two of those !

    • saleem faeq

      I need to give me there news .good bay

    • saleem faeq

      Waw so cute with red dots i like so much

    • BigRed 1

      What size cage do you have? Beautiful birds! I hope to have one in the future.

    • Claire Brooks

      How sweet is luv to have two…I have a baby boy now 22months got him at 3 months….he's a handful on his own.

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