Zo voorkom en verminder je bijten…

Handige tips voor alle papegaaien soorten.

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    • Faheem Zx

      If my parrot is on ground or a table he steps up but he dont step up if he loves a place or a perch. I think Grey feel more comfortable on still perches than on moving hand.

    • Faheem Zx

      This is male or female

    • AvieMare

      We just got our baby Congo AG. Her name is Stella-Luna. She is about 4-6 months old. She has hand fed but not handled. In other words, a blank slate. What kind of family member she becomes is completely in OUR hands. I’ve never trained a bird but I did train horses and the concepts are actually quite similar. The animal must first: TRUST you, and second: WANT to comply. This can take a really long time. I try not to pull her out of her cage. Rather, I let her climb out then try to approach her. 2 days ago she would not come near me. Today she takes strawberries from my hand. Tomorrow she might not. Like anything worth doing, it’s often 3 steps forward and 2 steps back! Peace, AM

    • Franksin Beans

      Love this video. Thank you.

    • Sharif Shebi

      I started following you but on this video clearly lot of wrong info. You said you wave apart from one incident you never did that at all. Next on the pet store you've been or heard should have been made up for this video or your making assumptions as never heard anyone selling any animal saying it would bite. Like dogs and cats or any animal will bite if not trained or triggered or not knowing the animal. This is the funniest thing have heard on long time. Anyways not the best way to go about. Also from biting title or to avoid you went onto step up and other things than the actual title itself

    • Gunsalves

      Honestly a useless video. Didn't say how to stop biting… the advice of leaving and coming back to ask the bird again is ridiculous. Do that 50 times and the bird doesn't listen then what? Nobody has time for that

    • Kristy Rogers

      You're too long-winded you should just get to the point the videos just go on and on and on and what people want is the information quickly not to watch a long video thank you so much and I'm sorry if this sounds rude

    • Maria Boriawala

      Thanks for the advice

    • Lea Peters

      My grey is friendly but does not want to step up. A few vicious bites have taught me to move carefully. Now, my grey sits with me easily, enjoys scratches and treats but will not step up without biting. I can move her around with a perch and while moving her, she chews the perch to splinters 😂. I don’t know if you have suggestions for this case. Your videos are awesome.

    • Denise Khan

      My yellow head parrot is overly aggressive 😒 he keeps rushing to bite me, I am so fed up of his behavior

    • Official_ slp_

      Hi. My stepdad has an African Grey that’s somewhere in her 30s already. She has accepted my mother and she may touch her and give scratched without getting bitten but when i was younger i got bitten and never tried again. Now that im older i want to build a bond with her aswell but she always acts aggressive towards me and always goes for the bite unless i give her seeds or fruit. When my parents leave for holidays i take care of her so when i need to clean her bowls i have to guide her to the back of her cage then quickly remove the bowls and same process when returning them. She immediately goes towards my hands. She’ll still be around when my parents aren’t there anymore and ill have to take care of her so i want to have a good relationship with her before that happens. With grace ill have many years before that happens so i have time to practice. What can i do?

    • Tony G

      I’m about to get a Meyers parrot and this easily the best channel that I’ve found after two months

    • Jaime Nasser

      is there any way i can ask your help.
      I have two birds and would like to ask if you can help.

    • maxim59283

      Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I have 3 cockatous i am working with,and your utube videos are priceless….thank you.

    • Relax Forest - Real Miracles and Manifestations

      Thank you for your video! Could you tell me what is the seed that you gave Smokey? What sort of treats are best for African Greys? Many thanks!

    • Alireza Ahmadi

      Where can I buy African Gray ?

    • Joyce Phang

      Hi i would like to ask how would u bond w an adult amazon? My uncle want me to adopt his bird, it is currently cage bound. She really scared when I approached the cage, she would just climb all ard her cage n look at me hanging upside down. So far I have not bring her back yet. Any ideas to help me on it?

    • Bill Armstrong

      Great Video, great name, I'm actually considering calling my baby grey Smokey when he arrives

    • Wizo Wizo

      My parrots are already old so how do I stop them from biting at there age

    • Melissa Beaton

      I have 2 African Gray's. Male n Female. I got very Lucky my Female is Kinda Sweet, My Male, Well I was warned about him not being So Nice. But, I brought them in my bedroom for about a Month, but within a Few Days I had just left open there cage and told he'd never come out n she would. Well she came out to explore, and that night slept next to my bed, So of course I got her the Lava stand Up n made her so in a few days after she was sleeping on my bed, lol.. But after a night or 2 he would be there he did come out to sleep on top of his cage n could go in and out whenever he felt like it, So few days after he was sleeping right next to me chewing on his blankey and There Awesome that just took to me. I'm home all day and I can't make him come out, but Sometimes I do and no lie I talk to them just like babies. I love them both So much that I couldn't imagine not having them and Yes they're just like me when they show that NASTY ATTITUDE AND DON'T WANNA BE BOTHERED.. But, I wouldn't recommend being a 1st owner bcuz if you don't know to be careful you csn get hurt and theres So many Resuces to Prove it.. But Best Wishes to to you All n Happy Holidays 🎅🎄🦌

    • Colleenn Benson

      What is the correct way to clip you parrots wings

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