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Bibi the African Grey Parrot Speaks 20 Languages

Watch Bibi LIVE daily on her own webcam:

Bibi the bird is a Congo African Grey parrot (CAG). She can greet you in 20 languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korea… More»n, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili

28 Responses so far.

  1. Retro Comet schreef:

    Spanish que pasa??

  2. L Lawliet schreef:

    greek 👐👐👐

  3. PatryQ schreef:

    dzien dobry bibi

  4. Ren Likai schreef:

    0:44 Finnish

  5. Dragon empress schreef:

    que pasa💕

  6. Griffers AJ schreef:

    amie bhalo atche

  7. uh schreef:

    It really likes saying "Guten Tag".

  8. Jack Nicholson schreef:

    Thumbed up 'cause it managed to speak Finnish 🙂

  9. emilyem kk schreef:

    OMG i can't even do that but how

  10. GazGaming GG schreef:

    0:27 have german

  11. HellzNord schreef:


  12. Thomas Francis schreef:

    He is the next Rosetta stone

  13. Edmund Yong schreef:

    I have goosebumps when it said 'Ni hao'.

  14. LostGuy81 schreef:

    bitteschön, youre welcome 🙂

  15. Bibi the Bird schreef:

    @arthurdragon17 Some conversations seem intelligent. Often she'ill say what she wants from us: Want a berry, or Wanna go outside, or I want to step up. Mostly her signs of intelligence surround her predicting or summing up things going on around her. She knows that certain things happen at certain times of day (3pm:"walk dogs") or in sequence (grab car keys:"bye bye"). If she sees people eating, she often tries to guess the food. If someone brought it to the door, she knows to say "Pizza!" 🙂

  16. Bibi the Bird schreef:

    @koerund Wanna post a video showing us how to say "Hello" in Dutch?

  17. Bibi the Bird schreef:

    @PuNkGiRl2231 That's ok. Bibi bird doesn't know how to cuss like you can 😉

  18. Bibi the Bird schreef:

    @plasticboy81 Danke!

  19. LostGuy81 schreef:

    guten tag ;-D
    hes speaks german fine ;-))

  20. PuNkGiRl2231 schreef:

    HOLY SHIT! I can't even do that!

  21. UNOwen schreef:

    not dutch :'( ? yet AMAZING! 😀

  22. Suur Tark schreef:

    so is it actually possible to have intelligent conversations with a parrot, or does (s)he just repeat the words (s)he has heard before?

  23. diana schreef:

    you must spend a great deal of time with your baby so sweet and you can tell bibi is loved and wanted what a darling

  24. ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ schreef:

    meh, any normal bird makes noises like that, putting in the subtitles just makes people hear what you want them to

  25. xnicksomox schreef:

    Marhaba was not very good but still the bird is very smart

  26. رائد الفضاء schreef:

    LOL marhaba to you too 😛

  27. Reichu schreef:

    That probably means that her closest "flock member" is a man, and she's learned mostly by imitating his vocalizations. The African grays won't just pick up the phonemes (the actual packets of sound that comprise a word); they'll acquire the accent, intonation, and, er, "deepness".

    Watch some clips of Alex for an example of a male gray who sounds like a woman (as a result of his relationship with Irene Pepperberg).

  28. nlitement schreef:

    NOOO, if there's any word anyone should learn in Finnish, it's "perkele".

    Moi(n) is actually a very common greeting in northern Germany and the lowlands.

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